Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Move Picture Files From One Folder to Another with No PC Connection

Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with advanched camera that will allow you to capture HDR photo and take HD video then saved it into your phone's Gallery app.

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In Gallery app you can browse all folders on your phone that contains the image. For regularity reasons you may want to manage your files in the Gallery app to group them according to the categories you want by moving the picture to the appropriate album.

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Well, you can do this easily, even without having to connect to a computer. All you need is My Files app that will help you move the picture to the folder you want.

How to Move picture from one album to another one using My Files app?
As written on, to be able to move picture file kindly following the simple steps below:
  1. Go to My Files app through Home screen.
  2. On this app, select the storage area and find the folder that contains the picture that you want to move, for example, the picture will be move from /storage/sdcard0/DCIM/Camera/Abim.jpg.
  3. Here you can find then select the picture you want to move.
  4. If you have found one, tap and hold it.
  5. On the pop-up menu that appears select Move.
  6. Go to the destination folder, eg /storage/sdcard0/mykids/ folder. Then tap on Move here button located at the top right of the phone's screen.
  7. Now go to Gallery app, you should be able to see a picture named abim.jpg that you moved inside mykids folder.

So easy, right? Once you know how to move picture from one album to another album, now you can easily manage your image files to be more organized and neat. So, try this useful method then share your experience here through the comment below :)


  1. Is there any way to select multiple files?

    1. Hi Jake Dube,
      Thanks for coming.
      While you're in the folder where you save the picture you want to move, eg camera folder, tap the Menu key then select Move. The pictures on this folder now will have checkbox next to them. Tap on each picture you wish to move then tap Move button located on the upper right corner, this will bring you to the main folder. From here you can go to the folder where you want to move the picture, then tap Move here button located on the upper right corner to move all selected pictures.
      Hope it helps :)

    2. Good day
      I hve just moved a lot of pictures very easy I selected all the ones I wanted to move and then on the bottom left "menu" of phone clicked and a move option popped up simple and easy

    3. Hi Tielakie,
      Thanks for coming and share your experience here. I really appreciate it :)

  2. You don't need the MyFiles App.
    1) Open the folder (using Gallery) containing the pictures you want to move.
    2) Touch and hold a picture you want to move
    3) You will now have a small square in the upper right of each picture and a green tick in the one you touched and held. To select more than one, touch the square in each picture you want to move to select it (a second touch will deselect it).
    4) Touch the MENU button (left of HOME) and touch "Move" on the resulting menu. A list of folders will appear.
    5) Touch the folder into which you want to move the selected pictures.

    1. Hi JohnOfStony,
      I'm so glad reading your comment.
      Yes, you right. There are several ways we can do to move the picture with this phone, and the steps I've mentioned above is the way to move one picture only. And your steps can be done to move multiple pictures, as I've said on my reply to answer the question from Jake Dube in his comment right above you. I also have written about how to move multiple picture in another post.
      Btw, I really appreciate your willing to share your useful knowledge and experience here. I hope it will provide all of us benefit and help.
      Thanks again for the visit and a good comment.
      May God always bless you :)

  3. IF you are not connected to a WifI will moving of video to "my folders" will there be Verizon MB usage associated with the move? Thank you, Tom

    1. Hi Tom,
      Thanks for coming.
      CMIIW, I thinks you will not be charged when you just move the movie between folders on your phone. You may be charged if you download the movies or videos from the internet to your phone.
      Hope this helps :)

  4. Hi Rehan
    Previously, I have succesfully moved files using the My Files app.
    Now, it just keeps saying 'moving failed'.
    Any ideas or help please?

    1. Hi Leandra Kruger,
      Thanks for coming.
      Did you made any changes before you're encountering this problem? Or, you may have to try to use other file manager apps such as ES File explorer or Astro File manager apps to move the files, then see whether it helps :)

    2. Hi
      Thank you for your prompt feedback. I have not changed anything (knowingly).
      I will download another app, and try that.
      Thank you

  5. How can i have my Pictures i take go to my gallery ?

    1. Hi Dian Ritchie,
      Thanks for coming.
      Did you want to ask how to save all pictures you took with the Camera app to the Gallery app?
      If that so, all pictures you have taken with the Camera app will be saved automatically to the DCIM folder in the internal storage or in the SD card (if you have set your SD card as the default storage in the Camera app), or you can see those pictures in the Camera album in the Gallery app.


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