Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Delete Internet Saved Pages Easily

Yes, we all agree that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a great smartphone. This phone comes with a set of powerful components and a variety of useful features. However, it does not mean that this phone have no weakness. Usage and phone's age can also affect the performance of this phone.

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The more frequently used, the phone will also experience performance degradation due to many things to load and stored on it. one of which is that you may feel the browser is slower than usual. When you experience this problem, there are several ways to solve it such as: delete cache, delete internet history and delete saved pages.

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Previously we've learned about how to clear the cache and delete history, now we will learn about deleting internet saved pages in your phone's browser.

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How to delete saved pages?
As writen on, you just need to do these simple steps below to do so:
  1. Open Internet Browser through Galaxy SIII Home screen.
  2. Press on the star icon located next to the address bar.
  3. Once you press it then it will show you a different tabs such as "bookmark", "history" and "saved pages".
  4. Choose the Saved pages tab.
  5. Here you can select and hold any thumbnails you want to delete.
  6. After that you will see the Delete option. Then tap on it.
  7. Done. You have successfully deleted internet saved pages that you want in your mobile browser.

Well, this method is easy to do. By using this method you can overcome the problem of slow browser on your phone and make its performance to be normal again. So, if you feel your mobile browser is slower than usual then you can try this method and share your experince here through the comment below :)

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