How to Take HDR Photos Easily with the Samsung Galaxy S3

As we all know that the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with a set of powerful hardware, one of them is an amazing camera attached there. This camera is equipped with cool features that are useful and have the ability to take HDR photos.

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HDR is an acronym for High Dynamic Range, which means the camera with HDR shot capability will be able to cope with overexposed and underexposed problem on an image. It's Wow ;)

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How to take HDR photos?
To get HDR photos with the Samsung Galaxy S3 could you do easily, as written on Below are simple steps you can follow to get HDR photos:
  1. Open Camera app from the Home screen.
  2. Tap the square symbol on the left side on the viewfinder screen.
  3. In camera mode list that appears select the HDR mode.
  4. Tap camera icon when you feel ready to take the first shot. After that the camera on your phone will take three shots very quickly.
  5. The three images as the result of camera shot will be merged into one and will produce HDR photos that not underexposed or overexposed.
  6. Done. Now you've got HDR photo using your phone.

Very easy, right? Now you can take any object to capture on HDR photos using the camera on your Galaxy SIII. So, have you tried this with your phone? If so, let me know your experiences by commenting below :)


  1. In a dark place but with a bright laptop screen running (taking a picture of my laptop) I can't see a big difference between HDR and regular photo from my Galaxy S3.
    Is there any possibility to do something wrong when you shoot a HDR photo on S3?

    1. Hi Páll, thanks for the comment and visit.
      Once I find references that are relevant to your issue, here are a few points I have outlined for you:
      1. Galaxy S3 shot more than one photo at the same time at different exposure settings then merge them into a single HDR photo to produce a photo with correctly exposed portion.
      2. Try to hold your phone as steady as possible because the camera shot more than one when taking HDR photo.
      3. Use HDR mode to take pictures in landscape view because when you use it for portraits view it will result in unnatural scene.

      So, I hope this short answer will help you :)

    2. Hi Páll, HDR should be used in situations where the dynamic range of the scene exceeds that of your phone / camera. For example, when there's a dark foreground and a bright sky, taking regular shots will either overexpose the sky or underexpose the foreground depending on light metering, but always losing detail. That's where HDR comes handy by taking multiple shots and merging the 'usable' parts of the overexposed with those of the underexposed image. If the brightness difference between your laptop screen's brightest and darkest point is within you camera's dynamic range, your photo will be well exposed without HDR, otherwise HDR is unnecessary.

    3. Hi Buddy,
      Thanks for share your useful tip here. Hope it will increase reader's knowledge about HDR in Galaxy S3 and especially can provide help to Páll Sigurður Björnsson.
      Thanks again :)

  2. I don't have HDR as an option in my list of camera modes on my Samsung Galaxy SIII. Any idea why, and if there is a setting I need to adjust somewhere else on my phone?

    1. Hi Little Brown Owl,
      Thanks for coming.
      Did you don't have this option since the beginning you have this phone? Or you just realized that this option disappear after you make any changes or updates on your phone? As a note, in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean you can easily turn HDR Mode on by long press the viewfinder and tapping the HDR icon from there.
      Finally, let me know if it works for you.
      Hope this helps :)

  3. My S3 only shoot one picture in HDR mode what's reason for that?

    1. Hi Naujit Moreno,
      Thanks for coming.
      Unfortunately, I still can't find the reason why your HDR only shots one. Basically HDR mode need to shots 2 or 3 times to get the result. Hope anybody here who know the possible reason willing to tell us about it.
      Finally. I'm so sorry if I can't help you.

    2. Hi rehan
      My galaxy s3 take 3 photoes in hdr option
      But when I goes to galary its showing all 3 photoes ! How can I find the hdr photo?

      I dont know anything about hdr .thanks to rehan even now I know my phone contains hdr option ..... $$ my credit to rehan $$

  4. Hi

    My Galaxy takes 3 photos but doesn't nerfe them in one photo just saves 3 photos in Camera folder.


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