Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Boot into Recovery Mode

By default, the Samsung Galaxy S3 already has a bunch of features and capabilities. But, if you're someone who wants to do something out of the box with your Samsung Galaxy S3, then the recovery mode will help you because many features that you can use from there. It will be more useful when you have CWM Recovery installed on your phone.

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There are many things you can do on recovery mode, as written on, they are:
  1. Do factory reset / wipe data.
  2. Wipe cache and Dalvik cache.
  3. Install Updates.
  4. Custom ROMs of kernels with ease.
  5. Reformat pastitions.
  6. Fix permitions.
  7. Mount / Unmount partitions.
  8. Connect to the USB storage.

How to enter recovery mode:
With so many features that you can use through recovery mode, you might imagine the process to enter it very difficult or lengthy process. But, you should thanks to its operating system that makes everything easy to do.

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To be able to go into recovery mode you have to do is turn off your Samsung Galaxy SIII and then turn it back on while hold Power button, Home button and volume up button simultaneously. That's it. Now you have managed to get into recovery mode and can use all features available there to make your phone a better device. So, try and let me know your experience while on recovery mode by write them through the comment below :)

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