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All rules and regulations will apply when you are visiting If you do not agree and or do not want to be bound by all rules and regulations set by, then you are welcome to leave

Rules and regulations:
  1. is a personal blog used by its owner as a place to learn and improve her writing skills.
  2. All articles posted on the are only used as information only and as means of sharing knowledge between owner with visitors and between among visitor.
  3. Since the purpose of is as a learning place, then this blog is non-commercial, although did not rule out future owner will use it for commercial purposes.
  4. All links contained in the used only for reference which may be complete or fulfill the information needs of visitors. Owner is not responsible for all content contained in these links.
  5. All articles in written solely by me manually without the use of any tools. Sources obtained from various sites on the internet, owner reviewing these sources by personal perspective and or quote a few sentences with credit given to the original source.
  6. Images on the is a private collection. When taken from outside sources then the owner will post the original source image.
  7. Visitors are allowed to copy articles in on the condition that visitors only copied some part, not the whole, and must include the as its original source.
  8. All rules and regulations may change at any time without prior notice and without waiting for the consent of any party.

Update on Friday, April 19th 2013:
For personal reason, I chose to monetize this blog. This brings a few changes to the privacy policy of, they are:
  1. Owner of use the Internet connection of a third party, therefore we are not responsible for any loss received due to your access to and or exclude the risk of damage to your device caused by a viral infection that may strike your device.
  2. In contain advertisements from third parties, such as Google Adsense, due to this reason we are not responsible if the visitors clicking on ads, and we are not responsible for the content of the ads.
  3. Third party or advertiser on may attach request sender --for example IP address-- directly to your browsers without our knowledge, then in terms of the request IP address is fully the responsibility of the advertiser. And some of our advertising partners may use cookies (catcher trail) on our blog so that not have control or access cookies used by these third parties.

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