Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Send Scheduled E-mail Easily

Currently, the presence of smartphones changing many people's lifestyles. Things that used to be done by people using a desktop computer, now almost everything could be done by using a smartphone. For example, is to download a variety of applications both free or paid version and send email.

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And one of the reasons why people now choosing to buy smartphones because these devices are able to meet the needs of many people in the conduct and support of their activities, one of which is through the smartphone you can check and send email anytime to whomever you want with ease.

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But, what if you are someone who has so many activities and has the need to always send the email? No need to worry, with the Samsung Galaxy SIII you can overcome this problem because this smartphone has a feature to send scheduled emails.

How to send scheduled emails?
If you are in a situation as described above, then this feature will help you a lot. As written on, below are the simple steps you need to do to send scheduled emails:
  1. Go to Applications through Samsung Galaxy SIII Home screen.
  2. Tap on Samsung email app.
  3. Here you can compose your email which will you want to send.
  4. Tap on Expanded menu option.
  5. Tap on Schedule sending.
  6. Here you can specify the time and date you want to send your email.
  7. Tap Done. Your email will be sent according to the date and time you've specified before.

So, easy right? Now, however much your activities, you do not have to worry about passing your job to send an email to someone at the appointed time. So, if you encounter this situation you can try these methods Mentioned above through your Samsung Galaxy SIII and then let me know your experience by write them through the comment below :)


  1. Here's a comment: I love the scheduled email feature - but now I've scheduled an email that I want to cancel - and it seems this detail was overlooked... I can't find it in any folders nor anything in settings. Guess I have to leave my phone off and hope it doesn't retry...

    1. Hi Matt Cushman,
      Thanks for coming.
      And also I'm so sorry for late answer.
      All scheduled email messages will be saved under "Scheduled outbox" folder. To access them, while in the Email app swipe the screen to the right, then tap "Show all folders" (under your email account which you use to schedule the email message, not the combined view). Now, tap "Scheduled outbox". Here you should see all of scheduled email messages. Tap the desired scheduled email message to open it and then tap the menu key followed by selecting "Edit". Tap the Back key. Now, you can either to choose to tap "Discard" or "Save" button to revert the email message to draft.
      Hope this helps :)


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