Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Download Free Ringtones Using Free Applications

As with other things we can do with ease using the Samsung Galaxy SIII, you can also download a variety of applications with ease on this phone.

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In addition to downloading the application, you can also download cool ringtones for free with an easy using free apps that you can also get easily through Google Play Store.

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How to Download Free Ringtones?
As written on, you can use one of the free app below to download the ringtone you want. Here is the application that you can use and how to download ringtone using this applications:
1. Ringtone app
By using this application you can create and edit the new ringtone. In addition, you can also make your downloaded songs as ringtones or notifications tones on your Samsung Galaxy SIII. Here's how to download ringtone using this application:

  • Download install ringtone app through Google Play Store.
  • Run it.
  • Here you can choose a collection of classic songs to rock songs. You can pick one and download it to use as the ringtones.
  • After you download a song, you can control the part of song you want to be a ringtone by using a ringtone editor.
  • You can make it as default ringtone for all contacts in your phone or just make it as a ringtone for a contact that you want.
  • With these apps you can also make your existing music collection to be used as a ringtone.

2. Zedge
With this application, in addition you can create a ringtone, you can also get Live HD Wallpapers and Games. As with application at #1 you can also download your favorite songs to be used as ringtones or as other notifications tones. These apps provide a wide range collection of Bollywood songs to the Country song. These apps are updated regularly so this will enable you to get the new songs when you have bored with the old one. Here's how to download ringtone using this app:

  • Download install Zedge through Google Play Store.
  • Run it.
  • Here you can download and manage a songs you want.
  • You can set your favorite songs as a ringtone through this app.
  • And as an extra for you, you can get Live HD Wallpapers and Games.

3. Ringtone Maker
By using this application you can adjust the fade and the volume of your mp3 ringtones. Moreover, using this app you can also create a new ringtone from a variety of file formats, such as mp3, wav, mp4, 3gp, etc.. And also you can use your existing collection to set music as ringtone on your phone. Here's how to dowload ringtone using this app:

  • Download install Ringtone Maker through Google Play Store.
  • Copy your audio files to the SD card to create a ringtone.
  • You can also download the mp3 from Amazon mp3.
  • Adjust your ringtone's volume by fade in or out.
  • Adjust start and end point to create your own ringtones.
  • Save the result to SD card.
  • Now you can set this ringtone as you wish, as the default ringtone or as other notifications tones.

Yes, the above is three methode that you can use to download a ringtone on the Samsung Galaxy S3 using free app. You can choose one of three free applications mentioned above according to your needs. So, try one of them and let me know your experience of using that app by write them through the comment below :)


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    1. Hi Aicha77,
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      Try to restart your phone and then see whether it helps :)


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