Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Forward Text Messages

When you have a Samsung Galaxy SIII as your mobile phone, then you will get a lot of new and different experiences in the use of an Android-based smartphone. This phone has many useful features that will be able to facilitate and support your activities, one of them is the easy call and easy text features. Both of these features will allow you to make calls or send messages with ease, just swipe a contact from left to right then the phone will instantly make a call, or swipe a contact from right to left to write new message that will be sent to the contact.

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In addition you can easily write messages using easy text features, with the Samsung Galaxy SIII you will also be able to easily forward the message to a contact you want.

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How to forward text messages?
As written on, to be able to forward messages on Galaxy SIII, you just need following the simple steps below:
  1. Go to Apps through Home scren.
  2. Tap on the Messaging app.
  3. Here you can select the messages you want to forward.
  4. After you find one, tap and hold on it to guide fingr forward.
  5. Tap on Forward on the Message Options that Appear on its screen.
  6. You will be taken to a screen where you can send a message to a new recipient. Tap on a contact or enter new phone number in Enter recipient field.
  7. You can also modify your message first before you send it.
  8. Tap on the Send button to send the message when ready.
  9. Done.

Well, now you have to forward a text message using the Galaxy SIII. For the record, you can only forward on individuals messages only. So, try these useful methods and share your experience here through the comment below :)


  1. I have received pictures in a text message. I want to save them to my computer workstation. How do I forward the text message to my e-mail address ??

    1. Hi tomsee,
      Thanks for coming and leave your thought here.
      There are two possible ways that you can do:

      While you on step #6 on the steps I've mentioned above, tap the required contact email (If you already saved the email address on your contact) then tap Send button.

      Second way:
      1. Save your mms picture first. If you don;t know how to do this, please read in our post. Here's the link:
      2. Open the picture from your Gallery app.
      3. Tap Share icon.
      4. Tap See all...
      5. Tap Email.
      6. Enter your email address on To field.
      7. Tap Send button to send the email.

      Hope this helps :)

  2. I forwarded a picture message to about 5 people and it sent the picture but it also sent everyone's contact info like name and number so now people are getting messages from people they don't know how do I fix this how did this happen

    1. Hi Mid-Nite Minaj,
      Thank you for coming.
      Does it happen every time you forward a message? Also, what do you mean by "everyone's contact info"?

  3. I have a Galaxy 3 and I received a picture as a message following the above instruction does not work. I went to apps and select messaging, selected the picture message and then nothing about forward pops up. Doesn't matter if I try to drag it it will not move. So what gives?

    1. Hi Nick Crisci,
      Thanks for coming.
      Try to long tap (not a single tap) in the message to get a pop up menu. Here you should find the 'Forward' option.
      Hope this helps :)

  4. How do I fwd a text message to email

    1. Hi Darren Regan,
      Thanks for coming.
      If you just want to forward the content of the SMS you can do so through the Messaging app by forwarding the SMS to the required email address (this will convert the SMS to the MMS) or you can copy the content then paste it in the email and send it from there.
      While, if you want to forward the SMS along with the sender's number and name(when the contact is already in the Contacts app) as you have said in your another comment, then you might have to try an app called Relay me. This app has the ability to forward the SMS along with the sender number and name. The flaws of this app is it will auto forward all incoming SMS to the email.
      Here's the link:
      Hope this helps :)

  5. How do I forward an ENTIRE text message to an email address? I know how to forward a picture WITHIN the text message but when I long press the message I get no option to forward. The only options I get are the following:
    - Delete
    - View Contact
    - Add to spam numbers
    Does anyone know how to forward the entire message and not just a picture contained in the message.?


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