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Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Connect to Windows or Mac Computer

There are several reasons that might make you have to connect your Galaxy SIII with computers, one of them when you want to load music onto your phone via Samsung's Kies software.

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For beginners to connect the two devices it may be a little bit tricky, but by following the guidelines below you can do it all with ease.

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How to connect to a PC?
As written on, in order to make your phone connect with your computer, you need to follow the simple steps below:
  1. First of all, if you are Windows user you should download the USB driver for the Galaxy SIII and install it to your computer. While if you are a Mac user you do not need to install any drivers or software.
  2. Connect these two devices using a micro USB cable.
  3. On your phone's screen the prompt will appear informing you that you have connected to the computer.
  4. Drag down the notification area and select the option you want to use for your device. The options include:
    • Connected as a media device -> Media device (MTP) -> Use this option if you want Windows Explorer or Mac Finder manually transfer files between PC and your phone or if you want to utilize Windows Media Player.
    • Connected as a media device -> Camera (PTP) -> Use this option if you want to use your phone as a camera.
  5. Done.

In addition, you can also use Samsung's Kies software to help you when the phone is connected to your computer. You can get Samsung's Kies software free through Samsung website. Once you have installed it on your computer, then it will run automatically whenever your phone is connected to the computer. And the good news is that this software is compatible with both Windows and Mac computer. So, try this useful methods and share your experience here through the comment below :)


  1. Nice post. I really appreciate your info. Thanks for sharing. samsung

    1. Hi Sweet Fairy,
      I'm so glad you find this article is useful for you.
      Enjoy reading and have a nice day :)

  2. @rehan thanks for the info, as i am new to Samsung it's really help to me.:)

    1. Hi Shaik Abdul Riyaz,
      Thanks for the visit and comment.
      I'm so happy if you was helped with this articles :)

  3. Bro just need some help
    The problem is that I've downloaded the KIES on my laptop and have installed too as it has two versions which are LITE and NORMAL but my problem is that when I choose LITE version and try connecting my S3 it just saying CONNECTING nothing happens more! I've installed the the USB drivers too but can't connect my phone to Lappy! And when I load the NORMAL version of Pc suit it shows an error after loading some time and then SAYS some error and it crashes :(
    Please help me with this.

    M.Farooq Abbasi

    1. Hi M.Farooq Abbasi,
      Thanks for coming and leave your comment here.
      Try to connect your phone with USB cable to your computer without using KIES? Did they successfully connected?

      1. If so, then there is no problem with your USB connection. Try to uninstall KIES, download and install it again on your laptop. Once it finished, try to connect your phone using KIES.

      2. If not, maybe the problem is your usb connection. So, try these steps:
      - On your laptop, right click My Computer.
      - Click Manage.
      - Click Manage Devices.
      - Scroll down and find the MTP device then right-click on it.
      - Select Update (or it may say update hardware or update device or something like that), click it.
      - Wait until the process is completed.
      - Go to your Windows Explorer, if it works you should see your phone will turn up there.
      - Now try to use your phone with KIES.

      Finally, let me know if it works for you.
      Hope this helps :)

    2. Hi i have the same problem my PC connect i can access my phone but the software doesn't connect please help

    3. Hi Christopher Chris,
      Thanks for coming.
      Try to check your current CSC on your phone by dialing *#1234#
      If Samsung Kies doesn't connect with your phone, may it means you don't have a CSC on your phone. I've found about it on SAMmobile forums. If you want to do further investigate about it, here's the link:
      Hope this helps :)

  4. hye..i had a problem with my phone s3. i can connect my phone to the pc but the problem is at my device manager i did not shown the com port of the phone. anyone can help me?

    1. Hi Zainurman zulkeflee,
      Thanks for coming.
      What do you use to connect your phone with the PC? USB cable or else? If you use the USB cable, then the phone should be displayed under Universal serial bus controllers. However, I'm so wondering, did the com port which is not shown--as you said-- brings you a problem? such as not allow you to transfer file or else?

  5. Dear rehan,
    I would appreciate it very much if you could help me how to use my pc.using my android wi fi. Iam not really good at computer and smart phone illiterate. Following the manual is like reading a foreign language.So please if you could easy things up for me.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Miles Away,
      Thanks for coming.
      Well, may I know what would you like to do with your PC and your Samsung Galaxy SIII when they're connected? Do you want to transfer files or wants to share internet connection or else?

  6. I am wondering if I can link 2 songs together, so that when shuffling they still play together?

    1. Hi Laurie Gonyea,
      Thanks for coming.
      I'm so glad to see you again in this blog.
      CMIIW, did you mean to merge two songs into a single one? If so, try the app named Mp3 Cutter & Merger. This app has the ability to merge the songs. Here's the link:
      Oh, FYI next time whenever you want to submit your comment please drop them in the related post (eg. if you ask about songs then drop the comment in the music-related post). If not, feel free to reach me through the Contact us page, I'll be more than happy to answer the question.
      Hope this helps :)

  7. Thanks for the info- I don't see either of the contact methods you mention...I'd be happy to contact that way if you direct me to those links. Thanks.

    1. Hi Laurie Gonyea,
      Thanks for coming back here.
      You can reach me through the Contact us page below this Blog's title (next to Disclaimer or Sitemap).

  8. I've not been able to get my S3 to connect my new pc (Windows 8) since I bought it (the pc that is... I was previously able to connect my S3 to my old pc (Windows XP) with no problem. Unfortunately, my old pc's motherboard went south.) I was hoping that upgrading to 4.3 might help, but it did not as I still cannot get a connection. Oddly enough, my pc does see it via Device Manager. I've tried everything. There's even a fairly large thread dedicated to it somewhere around here. One member really went above and beyond to try and help, but his efforts and suggestions never worked out.

    1. Hi Ahmed Zahir,
      Thanks for coming.
      Given to your information, seems the problem is in the PC-side. I've found some of S3 users with Win 8 as their PC also has the difficulties to connect their S3. I'm also so sorry to say that I don't know much about Win 8, but you can try to disable and then enable the device in the Device manager on your PC. Another way, try to reinstall the driver of your phone in the PC. At the first time I try to connect my old Samsung phone(it was Tab 2.7.0) to the PC, it wouldn't connect till I manually installing the driver for the phone in my PC.
      Hope this helps :)

  9. Hi please help me connect my phone to my laptop so I can use internet on my laptop

    1. Hi Alfreide Jenny,
      Thanks for coming.
      You can share your S3 connection with your PC by using Wi-Fi tether(see the complete steps here:
      or by using USB tether(see the complete steps here:
      Hope it helps :)

  10. hi there,

    i have done what you instructed, however when i connect my phone a message comes up on my laptop saying 'USB device not recognised' and all my phone does is charge.

    please help!

    1. Hi Lauren,
      Thanks for coming.
      Is this the first time for you connecting your phone with PC? If so, try the following steps and see whether it helps(FYI, I use Windows 7 32-bit when I write these steps):
      1. Try using another USB cable (if available).
      2. Try using another USB port on your PC.
      3. Make sure you've chosen "MTP" as USB connections in your phone.
      4. In your PC (if it's a Windows PC), press Windows+R on your keyboard and then type "devmgmt.msc" and then tap "OK" button. It'll open up the device manager.
      5. Under Portable device, you should see your phone is listed there and then double click it.
      6. Click Driver tab.
      7. Click "Disable" button and then re-enable it.
      8. If the #7 didn't work, click "Update driver" button and then follow the on-screen instructions.
      9. Once done, restart both your phone and PC and then try re-connecting them.

  11. Dear Rehan,
    I have a problem in connecting my S3 with the PC. Earlier it was working well and connecting smooth. But now whenever I connect S3 through USB cable with the laptop, there is no update on phone and is not connected. I have reinstalled the USB drivers as well. Please help me to resolve the issue as I have deleted my data by mistake and want to recover that.


    1. Hi Faheem,
      Thanks for coming.
      There are several things that can cause your phone not connected with your laptop. So, kindly to try the following actions:
      1. Make sure you have choose "Media device (MTP)" as the USB option in your phone when your phone is plugged in the laptop.
      2. Try to restart both your laptop and phone.
      3. Try to plug the USB cable in another USB port in your laptop.
      4. Try to use another USB cable (if available).
      5. Try to connect your phone with another PC or laptop (if available).

  12. Hi Rehan,
    Thanks for the comment. Actually I have restarted both and also change USB cable and also try other pc. The only thing is that how I can use MTP because whenever I connect my phone with pc/laptop no message appears on the phone. Just a simple sound for connection and nothing else. It starts charging only. Previously whenever I used to connect a new window used to open and was the option to select MTP etc..

    1. Hi Faheem,
      Thanks for coming back here and I'm so sorry for so late answer. I have an experience, maybe it'll help you. Two days back I got my brand new Galaxy S5 and my Windows 7 32 bit laptop didn't detect it when I plugged it with USB cable. Here's the steps I took that finally made my laptop detected my phone:
      1. Download Samsung Kies from from your laptop (if your phone is running with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or above then use Kies 3).
      2. Disconnect both your laptop and phone from Internet connection.
      3. Plug your phone to your laptop using USB cable.
      4. Install Kies 3 you have just downloaded.
      5. Once the installation is completed, Kies 3 will try to connect with your phone. If it's failed, in Kies app in your laptop, click "Tools" and then select "Reinstall device driver".
      6. Once done, unplug your phone and then restart your laptop.
      7. Once the laptop is turned on, plug your phone into your laptop using USB cable. At this point, your laptop should be trying to detect and install the required driver for your phone. It may take some minutes, just wait until this process is completed. In mine, once this process is done, my Galaxy S5 finally can be detected by my laptop.

      Anyway, make sure your USB cable is not broken since you said in your comment that you couldn't connect your phone with another PC.

  13. Replies
    1. Hi Leanna,
      Thanks for coming.
      I'm happy to know that this post has worked on you :)

  14. i have a s3 version 4.3
    i just want to have a single person to have a passcode,.
    ex. i want to put a passcode to my mother so that when i open her message it will come out with a password,.i don't want my messages to have a passcode,.only for 1 person with a passcode so that when they open my conversation with that person,they cannot open it because it has a passcode,.what can i do or what should i download to do that,.tnx

    1. Hi Julie Ann Gonzales,
      Thanks for coming.
      FYI, since the stock Messaging app in the Galaxy S3 doesn't have the option to password a conversation then the alternative way is by using a third-party app, but sadly to say that I can't find the app that can protect a conversation with password since most of them usually password the whole messages or app.

    2. I worked on a ton of suggestions. The one that worked 100% was using the Data cable that came with the Samsung to connect to my PC. I had been using a standard usb cable.
      jon in kingston

    3. Hi DURANGO Kid,
      Thanks for coming and share your thought here.
      Yes, you're right. Seems that we have to use the USB cable that came with the unit, otherwise we'll have some errors. Some users have also reported that they encountered errors when using non-OEM spare parts, e.g: USB cable, battery, etc.


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