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Samsung Galaxy S4: How to Create, Edit and Delete Alarm in Android 4.4 Kitkat

In some conditions, set alarm is needed to remind us or help us not to forget for certain event or activity, for instance set alarm to wake you up in the mornings or set alarm to remind you that you should do something in certain time. In Samsung Galaxy SIV, you're provided a stock clock app contains with alarm function. It's not just a regular alarm, but it's equipped with some options and features which will help you to customize the alarm according to your need.

How to create a new alarm?
You can easily set your phone as alarm to remind you for certain event or activity by using the following steps:
Open Clock app.Tap Alarm tab.Tap to create a new alarm.Specify the day and time:Tap or to adjust the time(hour and minute). Tap the required day (M=Monday, T=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, T=Thursday, F=Friday, S=Saturday, S=Sunday). The days turn green when they're selected.If necessary, check the box next to Repeat weekly to repeat the alarm in the selected days every week. If…

Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Set Briefing Alarm

Alarm is one of useful feature inside Samsung Galaxy SIII that you can use to remind you about an important activity or appointment. Here you can determine the time and day you wish the alarm to ring to remind you.

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In certain conditions, if you want to set the alarm not only ringing, but also tells you about the weather, your schedule and a news headline, then you can configure a briefing alarm which will allow you to get that.

How to configure briefing alarm?
Below are steps you need to do to set up briefing alarm on your Galaxy SIII:
Go to Apps through Home screen.Tap Clock.Tap Alarm tab.Create new briefing alarm by tapping the (+) sign.Set the time and day as your wish.Tap Alarm type.On pop up menu select Briefing.Tap OK button in an information window.In the News widget settings, you can select the country and category of the news as your wish.Once you've finished, tap Back button to return to the create alarm screen.Tap Briefing c…

Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Set Alarm

Samsung Galaxy SIII is a great smartphone that has a lot of useful features and apps that will facilitate your activities. One of the useful apps on this phone is a Calendar. By using this apps you can add or delete an event in it to remain you about your important activities or appointment.

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Another way that you can use to remain you about your important activities or appointment using this phone is by setting an alarm.

How to set up new alarm?
You can do this with ease by following the steps below:
Go to Apps through Home screen.Scroll to Clock, then tap on it.To create new alarm, tap Create alarm.Here you can set the time for your alarm by using arrow up or arrow down to the required time.To repeat your alarm, tap the required days located under the Alarm repeat. When the day is shows blue means the day is selected.Tap Alarm tone to select your alarm tone.On pop up menu you can select Sounds or Go to My files option.If…