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Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Use the Recent Apps Button in Android 4.4.2 Kitkat

In the Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung has decided to make some changes. Some changes that I noticed at the first time I got this phone is the Settings menu view and change of the physical buttons functionality. Now, the Menu key is no longer available and replaced with the Recent apps key. I don't why Samsung did this change. But, I think it's done because the Recent apps key has more functions than the Menu key. If the Menu key only allow you to open additional options for the current screen, then the Recent apps key will allow you to open or close recently used apps, close active apps as well as open additional options for the current screen though with the different way.

How to open recently used apps?
Since all apps that you have opened before are not completely closed unless you close them from the recent apps list, then you can easily switch among them by using the Recent apps key as listed in the following steps:
On any screen, tap the Recent apps key (it's a physical bu…

Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Enable, Use and Disable My Magazine in Android 4.4.2 Kitkat

When I got my Samsung Galaxy S5 for the first time, I noticed that when I scrolled right on the Home screen, I was presented with inactive My Magazine, asked me whether I wanted to activate it. Since this app is not activated by default therefore you have to configure it first before using it in your phone. In case you have not known about My Magazine yet, when it's activated you'll be able to see summary of the news and live social network updates that you're interested with in a single page.

How to enable My Magazine?
It's quite simple to configure or turn on My Magazine, you can use the following steps to do so:
In Home screen, tap to go to My Magazine.Tap Next button in the welcome screen.Check the box in the left side of I agree option in the Term of use screen and then tap Start button.To change the content of My Magazine, tap and then select Settings.If necessary, you can set My Magazine to refresh its content when you open it by checking the box next to Auto re…

Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Add, Rearrange and Remove Apps or Widgets in Home Screen in Android 4.4.2 Kitkat

Home screen is a customizable part owned by Samsung Galaxy S5. You can add more additional Home screens if the 4 Home screens come with it at the first time are not enough for you. You're allowed to have up to 7 Home screens in this phone and you can manage them to suit your needs.

See also: How to Add, Rearrange, Delete and Set Default Home Screen in Samsung Galaxy S5 with Android 4.4.2 Kitkat

Since Home screen is the first place we meet once we turn on the phone and often passed by when we want to open a new app therefore most of users often use Home screen to place their favourite or the most frequently used apps so that they will be faster and easier when they want to access those apps because it will skip them a step or two compared if they have to find those apps in their original places.

How to add apps to Home screen?
Before adding a shortcut of an app, first make sure you have free space in Home screen. Well, here are the steps to do so:
Tap Apps in Home screen.Swipe the s…

Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Add, Rearrange, Delete and Set Default Home Screen in Android 4.4.2 Kitkat

Home screen is the first place we see once we turn on the phone. Most of user usually use Home screen to place their favourite or most frequently used apps and widgets so that they can access them with more easily and fast compared if they have to find those apps in their original places. Home screens can also be customized, you are allowed to have up to 7 home screens, change home screen position, remove unused home screens as well as set any home screen you like as the default.

How to add a new Home screen?
The first time I got my brand new Samsung Galaxy S5, it only came with 4 home screens. However, since this phone allows the users to have up to 7 home screens thus if those 4 home screens are not enough to fill up your need then you can add more home screens by using the following steps:
Pinch your fingers together on the home screen or long tap on any blank area in the Home screen to enter the edit mode.Swipe the screen from right to the left until you see the blank home screen pr…

Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Add a Google Account in Android 4.4.2 Kitkat

When I got my new Samsung Galaxy S5 two days back, after did a quick exploration of the phone appearance and the Settings menu, added a new Google account was the next thing I did because I had to install some apps from the Play Store into my phone.

How to add a Google account?
You're allowed to add a new Google account or an existing one either through the Settings menu or any Google-related apps available in the phone.

Method #1: From any Google-related apps
If you have not added any Google account yet, then whenever you open any Google-related apps(e.g: Gmail app, Play Store app, Youtube app, etc) you'll be asked to add either the new Google account or the existing one. As the example, we'll try to add a new Google account through the Play Store app.
Open Play Store app.Tap New button.Enter your first name and last name in the provided fields and then tap the Right arrow icon.Enter the required name for your new Gmail email address and then tap the Right arrow icon.Enter t…

Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Change the Settings Menu View in Android 4.4 Kitkat

Well, finally I decided to purchase a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 yesterday. As soon as I got the phone, the Settings menu was the first place I headed, just wanted to fulfill my curiosity of what the new features and options available inside this phone.

While in the Settings menu, I noticed that the Settings menu was displayed in grid view. Since I have been already familiar with the tab view in my old Samsung Galaxy SIV with Android 4.4 Kitkat, it takes more time for me to explore and use the Settings menu in this phone. Luckily, grid view is not the only view in the Settings menu because it also has two additional views: list view and tab view.'s so relieved when I know that I can change the Settings menu view to the same view of my old Galaxy SIV :D I do believe that it'll be able to help me learn further more about the Settings menu in this phone more easily.

How to change the view of the Settings menu?
If you don't like the grid view, you can switch the vie…

Samsung Galaxy S4: How to Change the Default Email Account in Email App in Android 4.4 Kitkat

Manage multiple email accounts is the ability owned by Email app, it allows you to add more than one email accounts into Email app. It surely will also help you to save the time because now you can manage all of your email accounts in a single place compared if you have to access each email account in a different place. You can easily add additional email account through the Email app or the Settings menu. When you have added multiple email accounts, the first one will be set as the default automatically.

How to change the default email account in Email app?
In case you want to set another email account as the default, there are some methods that can be used by you to do so: when you add a new email account, from the Email app itself and from the Settings menu.

Method #1: While adding an email account
When you add a new email account to Email app through the Email app itself or the Settings menu, within the process, you'll be presented with an option to allow you set this email acco…