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Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Share Internet Connection Using Bluetooth

An insider has leave his comment here to ask why he can't share the internet connection using Bluetooth, though he was able to transfer file with the paired device. For those of you who didn't already know, aside for transfer files you can also use this to share the internet connection with another Bluetooth-enabled devices. This methods commonly referred as Bluetooth tethering. To make the steps more easier, you can also first change your Bluetooth name in order to make another devices more easier to recognize you.

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How to Bluetooth tethering between Samsung Galaxy S3 with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0?
For the record, due to the insider who has drop his comment here is still use Android 4.1 Jelly Bean then I can't guarantee that this steps will work on Android 4.3 because some carriers has been decided to remove this option. And also, generally you can use this steps with another Bluetooth-capable devices, but as the example we'll use the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0. Well, here are the steps:
  1. In Samsung Galaxy SIII, go to Settings.
  2. If necessary, slide the switch next to Bluetooth to the right to enable this option.
  3. Tap Bluetooth.
  4. Check the box next to your Samsung Galaxy SIII Bluetooth name to make your device visible to all nearby Bluetooth devices.
  5. Go back to Settings.
  6. Tap More settings
  7. Check the box next to Bluetooth tethering to enable this option.
  8. In Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0, go to Settings then slide the switch next to Bluetooth to the right to enable it.
  9. Tap Bluetooth and then followed by tapping the Scan for devices button to scan for another Bluetooth-enabled device within range.
  10. The Samsung Galaxy SIII Bluetooth name should be appear under Available devices section.
  11. Tap the Samsung Galaxy SIII Bluetooth name to request pairing.
  12. Now, the Bluetooth pairing request notification should be appear in your Samsung Galaxy SIII screen, and then tap OK button.
  13. Back to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0, tap Pair button in the request pairing notification.
  14. Now, you should see the cogwheel icon next to Samsung Galaxy S3 Bluetooth name under Available devices section, tap the cogwheel icon to enter the settings menu.
  15. Check the box next to Internet access.
  16. Done. Now the internet connection is ready to use in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0

Indeed using Wi-Fi tethering will be able to allow you get more faster internet connection and more wider range. But, by knowing this steps, now at least you have one more option to share internet connection to another Bluetooth-capable devices. Well, hope this helps :)