Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Take Panoramic Photos Easily

Samsung Galaxy SIII comes and equipped with advanced camera that will allow you to capture HDR Photo with ease. It's mean that this camera is capable to produce images that are not overexposed or underexposed.

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In addition to the ability to produce HDR photos, this camera also comes with some cool features that will improve the quality of the image, such as tap to focus, capture moving objects, capture panoramic photos, etc..

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Well, if you use panoramic photos feature then you will be able to capturing much wider perspective of the landscape view into a single photo. So, certainly you can imagine how beautiful the result images using the panoramic photos.

How to take panoramic photos?
As written on, to be able to use this cool feature you just need to follow the easy steps below:
  1. Go to Camera app through the Galaxy SIII Home screen.
  2. Tap on the square symbol on the viewfinder screen. It usually located on the left of the screen.
  3. On the pop-up camera mode list, tap on Panorama.
  4. Tap the camera icon when you ready to take your first shot.
  5. After that, the directional arrow will appear on the screen and you will prompt by the app to pan left or right in landscape view.
  6. A guide will Appear as you pan then use this to frame your panoramic shot.
  7. Just continue guiding your phone as smooth as possible then the camera will automatically capture consecutive frames.
  8. When you want to stop capturing tap on Red button located on the right.
  9. The camera will unify the shots into a single photos.
  10. Done.

Well, now you have to know how to capture the object using the panoramic feature. So, go out and try this cool feature then share your experience here through the comment below :)


  1. I dont find red button on right as detailed in item 8 of panorama shot. Pl. help

    1. Hi TRA Krishnan,
      Thanks for coming.
      If you have no the red button, then you can tap the camera icon again to stop the camera taking panoramic pictures.


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