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Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Use S Suggest Applications

Samsung Galaxy SIII comes with several useful apps as its pre-loaded application, such as Samsung App and Google Play Store app which will allow you to find and download certain useful application then install it to your phone.

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Another pre-loaded application that will help you to choose which recommended popular application that compatible with your device you need to install with. This apps called S Suggest. This of course will help you to save your time, due to you don't need to spending lots of time to sorting through of thousand of apps in Play Store.

How to use S Suggest?
Below are the steps you need to do to use S Suggest on your phone:
  1. Go to Apps through Home screen.
  2. Tap S Suggest.
  3. At the first time, you will see the Terms and conditions pages of this app. Mark Agree at the bottom of this page then tap Agree button to continue using S Suggest.
  4. Now you're on the main page of S Suggest, here you will see five tabs available. They are:
    • Picks: Tap this tab to see recommended app and selected categories. Tap a section and you can see additional recommendations by swiping your finger to the right or to the left.
    • Categories: Tap this tab to determine what categories you like, such as Entertainment, Kids, Lifestyle and Shopping, etc. Or you can Tap All to view all of the recommended apps from all categories available.
    • Games: Tap this tab to determine what type of gaming categories you like, such as Arcade, Action, Racing, etc. Or you can Tap All to view all of the recommended games from all categories available.
    • Friends: Tap this tab to see recommended apps based on what apps of your friends like. Here you will be prompt to login to your social network account.
    • Info: Tap this tab to watch introducing S Suggest and S Suggest Manual videos.
  5. To search the S Suggest library, tap the Menu key then on pop up menu select Search.
  6. When you've find certain app that interest you, you can tap the icon or banner to view the detail information of this apps. On the Detail view page, you can do several things here, such as:
    • Recommend the app by tapping the Recommend icon (thumb up icon).
    • Share the apps by tapping the Share button.
    • Download the apps by tapping Download button. This will take you to Google Play Store which will allow you to download the applications.
    • Scroll this page to see description of this app and to see comments from others about this apps.
  7. Tap Home button to return to the standby mode.

By knowing on how to use S Suggest on your Galaxy SIII, now you will be easier to find what application are recommended and compatible with your device. So, have you ever use S Suggest on your Galaxy SIII? Does it help you?

Samsung Galaxy Pop is Now Available in Korea in Bright Orange for $642

In the midst of news about the Samsung Galaxy SIV, apparently Samsung has released their latest smartphone named Samsung Galaxy Pop. The phone is called a lot of people is almost similar to the Samsung Galaxy Premier.

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Apparently Samsung wants to add a new color spectrum through these phones released in bright orange. So to meet your curiosity as to what the device will look, this time inside-galaxy will give you the full specs of this device:
  • 1.4 GHz quad-core processor
  • 4.65-inch HD Super AMOLED display
  • 8GB/16GB internal storage
  • SD Card support up to 64GB
  • 8MP rear camera
  • 2MP front facing camera
  • Run with the operating system Android 4.2 Jelly Bean with TouchWiz on top
  • Integrated with NFC
  • 2100 mAh battery
  • Available in a choice of colors: grey, white and orange

Galaxy Pop is already available in Korea and sold at a price of 700.000 Won or about $642 USD. So, will you buy this smartphone?? Or maybe you're still wait for a new flagship smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy SIV?? Share your choice by write them through comments below :)