Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Download and Install Paid Applications Easily

If you are one of the lucky people who have had the Samsung Galaxy SIII as your device, of course you can get lots of new and fun experience while using this phone. Moreover the phone comes with a set of powerful components and useful features. Another fun thing is when you are using this Android-based smartphone you can find and download a thousand free app that suits your needs easily through Google Play Store, one of which is an application that you can use to download the ringtone to your phone.

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Unfortunately some free app comes with incomplete features. This sometimes be one of the reasons why you want to install a paid app on your phone.

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How to download and install a paid app through Google Play Store?
You can do this as easily as you do with free app. As written on, below are the simple steps you need to do:
  1. Go to Google Play Store app through the Galaxy SIII Home screen.
  2. In the main page, select Apps panel located on the left side.
  3. Here you can find any paid app you want to download. You can find app with browse or conduct search using a magnifying glass icon located at the top right of its screen.
  4. After you find one, tap on the blue box with the price.
  5. After that you will be taken to a screen that displays the total and payment method. If this is the first time for you then you need to enter your personal billing information and add a card.
  6. Tap on Accept and Buy once you finished confirming or adding a payment method. Or if you change your mind and want to cancel the purchase process you can press the Back button.
  7. Wait until the download is complete.
  8. Once the download process is over, it will install the background and will be able to use immediately.
  9. Finish. Now you have successfully downloaded and install a paid app on your phone.

Yes, it used to download a paid app can be difficult, especially for beginners, but with the Samsung Galaxy SIII you can do almost anything with ease. Then you should say thanks to its operating system that allows all these things happened. So, try it and share your expreience through the comment below :)

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