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Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Adjust Touch Key Light Duration

Another part of Samsung Galaxy SIII that you can do several customization is display setting, such as you can set to keep your screen always on when your face is still watching the screen by turning on Smart stay option or make your phone keep switching its screen to portrait or landscape view according to your phone's position by turning on auto rotate screen.

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One more things you also can do while you on display setting is adjusting the delay time before the touch key light automatically turn off.

How to change touch key light duration?
Here are the steps you need to do to adjust this option in order to suit your needs:
Go to Apps through Home screen.Scroll to Settings, then tap on it.Tap Display.Tap Touch key light duration.Here you will see a pop up menu with four options available. They are:1.5 seconds: Choose this option if you wants the touch key light stay on during 1.5 seconds before it turn off.6 seconds: Choose this opt…

Common Problems with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and How to Fix It

After previously I've written about the most common problems experienced by the Samsung Galaxy SIII, now I want to write about the most common problems experienced by second generation of Samsung's phablet, Galaxy Note II.

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Yes, even in this generation has gained refinement and improvement of the hardware, software and features when compared to its previous generation, but it does not mean the device is free of flaws. Nothing is perfect. Well, taken from, here is a list of problems that are often experienced by this phablet, let's check them out:

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1. Cracked or broken screen
This phablet comes with a big screen 5.5-inch and protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 2, which is tough stuff. But some users reported that the device had scratched or cracked after suddenly fall. In the previous drop test, this device can get through it well. And this pro…

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: How to Enable and Use Gestures Easily

Previously I was write about the same thing but for the Samsung Galaxy SIII, now I want to write it for the second generation of Samsung's phablet called Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Both devices have the Motion-based software inside so that they have a lot in common in terms of features and functionality.

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The function of gesture is to help facilitate user interaction with their phone and to further save the time in accessing the app or function that exists in this phablet because this feature enables user to skip multiple steps. This is very useful and helpful considering we are currently required to do everything faster. With the amazing multitasking capabilities and several gesture options available, this phablet is called to be able to increase user's productivity.

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How to enable gestures on Galaxy Note 2:
Before using this feature, you must first enable it by following the simple…

Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Format SD Card Easily with No Applications Required

We may all agree that the Samsung Galaxy SIII is a great smartphone that comes with powerful hardware, software and useful features. One of the best parts of the hardware in this phone is that we can expand storage using the SD card, so thanks to its microSD card slot. With this you can add storage to your phone up to 64GB. For those of you who are concerned with how much storage, it is possible to meet your expectations.

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Yeah, when viewed as 64GB of storage is very large. But the reality is it can be fully loaded faster we thought before. This is mainly because a lot of things we can do with this cool smartphone so we often full out the SD card with a variety of things such as music, video, apps etc..In addition, the SD card is full can also affect the performance of your phone.

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How to format SD card on Samsung Galaxy S3?
Well, if you have an SD card is full, you may need to for…

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: How to Get Better Performance and Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy Note II is the second generation of Samsung's phablet. We all agree that this is a great device which is equipped with a powerful set of hardware, software and useful features. The device was launched with operating system Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and now available upgrade to version 4.1.2 Android Jelly Bean.

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Thanks to its operating system and set of powerful components inside that has allowed us to do something that might not have thought of before and make something that used to be difficult, even impossible, has become a very easy thing to do.

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However this device are the same with other electronic devices that may experience problems, both hardware and software. This device comes with a variety of things that attract us to do many things with it, but when we often use this device over its limit then maybe we will find its performance going to bad and battery drain fast…

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: How to Take Screenshots Easily With No Applications

To be able to take a screenshot in Android phone, most of them are require root access or a third-party app. But by using the second generation of Samsung's phablet named Samsung Galaxy Note 2 you can do this easily and without the need for root or any third-party app. Thanks to its operating system Android 3.0 or above that has made this a very easy job.

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Yeah, for some reason we might need to take a screenshot on our phone's screen, for example when we want to share a unique event on our phone or when we want to share how to do something using Android phone with other people, etc..

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To do this with the Galaxy Note 2 are very easily as written on There are 2 ways that you can choose and do. They are:

The first way
Hold down the Power button along with the Home button until you hear the sound of a camera shutter. Then you will receive a notification that contains mesages …

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: How to Use Quick Command Features Easily

The second generation of Samsung's phablet a great device because it is equipped with an accelerator and a gyroscope that can make it possible to do things that other devices can not. In addition, this phablet also comes with a stylus magic named S Pen which will further facilitate your interaction with the device.

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One of the cool things that you can do with a combination of speed possessed by this phablet and S Pen is do an awesome feature called Quick Command.

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Quick command allows users to access the app or function they want on their phablet with more quickly and easily with just a few clicks away. And the most interesting part of this feature is that you can make your own command. It sounds that you can use commands on your phablet in the way you are.

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To use this feature is very easy, as written on, you just follow …

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: How to Use Tilt to Zoom Motion Feature

Having a device like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a very fun and can give us a new experience, even we can do things that previously had never thought of using this device. Second generation of Samsung's phablet is very worth to have because it comes with some great motion-based software, the popular one is Tilt to zoom.

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Tilt to zoom reportedly works well on this device. This feature allows users to zoom in or out on any image or web page easily, simply by tilting the device towart you or away from you. If until now you have been familiar with Pinch to zoom, then you can try a new experience by using Tilt to zoom.

How to use Tilt to zoom?
Well, if you want to try use Tilt to zoom in your phablet, you can follow the simple steps below, as written on
Go to Settings.Scroll down until you find Motion, then tap on it.Turn it on by checking the checkbox in Motion activation.Scroll down until you find Tilt to zoom, turn it on by switch and flip …

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: How to Use S Pen Features Easily

Samsung Galaxy Note II is the second generation of Samsung's phablet. It comes with a very accurate touch screen named Wacom digitizer and a magic stylus: S Pen. Samsung include S Pen on this phablet in order to facilitate user interaction when using this phablet.

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So what can we do with this S Pen? There are several things that can be done by the S Pen. Here is the list as written on

1. Support the use of Air View
As we learned hefore, Air View feature is supported with multiple applications, as an example are S Note and S Planner. Air View allows us to see the information quickly and easily without we have to actually touch the screen.

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Thanks to its digitizer screen that can recognize when S Pen hovering over the screen phablet. This allows us to access contacts up to preview messages without having to open the application.

To do this with the S Pen is very ea…

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: How to Enable and Use Multi Window Easily

In this article I will still write about the coolest features available on the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Well, this time I'm going to write cool feature to be use, Multi Window. This feature allows us as users to be able to open two apps side by side at the same time, but no more than two app. This means that this feature will greatly assist us on multitasking activity because we do not need to switch between these two app when we want to use one of them.

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How to enable Multi Window?
You can enable Multi Window very easily, simply by tap and hold Back button, then Multi Window drawer will appear on the left side of the screen. After that you can select an application and then add one more application to the new location. That's it. It's easy, cool and of course it will increase your productivity.

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How to use Multi Window? Once you have successfully enabled Multi WIndow, so now you can start to use i…

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: 6 Best Features You Should Know About

Second generation of Samsung's phablet named Samsung Galaxy Note II was released last year in pre-IFA press event in Berlin. it's available in the market in October 2012 in 128 markets around the world. Since this is the second generation, of course this phablet come with improved software, hardware and better features than the first generation.

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From the site written some excellent features embedded by Samsung in the phablet, they are:

1. Air View
This is a feature that most caught my attention, as I wrote in a previous article. Air View allows users to see a preview of the email, photo gallery, S Planner and another applications compatible with it by hovering S Pen over them. After that pop up windows will appear that contains a preview of the content of application you have been hovering before. This is a smart way to save your time, because you do not need to open the application to get the information in it. Even Samsung claims that …

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: How to Enable and Use Air View Feature Easily

Lately I wanted to write about the smart features on the Galaxy Note II called Air View. My sky-high curiosity made me browse into a bunch of websites to find out more about this feature. Well, here's the results that I have outlined here and of course i hope it'll provide the benefit for all readers.

What is Air View?
From the many websites that I visit, I first found out about this when writing about Samsung Galaxy SIV's rebiews that said it will come with this feature inside it. But, because the Galaxy SIV not release yet, this time I will write about Air View in another Samsung's device, Galaxy Note II.

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From the site mentioned that Air View is a smart feature that allows the Galaxy Note II to recognize when you are hovering your S Pen over the screen, without you having to actually touch the screen. hmm, from here I can already imagine how cool this feature is ;)

Image Cre…

How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy SIII with Two Easy Ways

Almost everyone knows that the Samsung Galaxy SIII is a great phone and has many useful features, both visible and hidden in the phone's settings. One of them is we can take a screenshot on this phone easily.

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For some reason, you may need a screenshot of your Android phone. Suppose you want to share about how to set the app or anything on your phone with your friends. Yes, previously to take screenshots on your phone sound like a difficult thing and you may need to use a third-party app to do this. But, with the launch of the operating system Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, it could be something that you could possibly do. Of course you can also do the same in the latest version of Android.

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Taken from the site, There are two easy ways to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy SIII. Let's check them out.

The First Easy Way
You can do this thing easily b…

Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE is Now Available in Pink Color

Apparently Samsung wants to increase the sales of their newest tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note II by adding a new color choices: Pink on this product. Last month by Samsung Taiwan's official website, Samsung introduce Galaxy Note II Pink as an HSDPA device. Currently through Samsung's Hong Kong website, Samsung introduces Samsung Galaxy Note II Pink LTE. Of course, this is very interesting, especially for women who usually like this color.

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At the beginning of its presence, this tablet is available in 2 color options: white and gray. Some time later Samsung presents some additional color options: Amber Brown and Ruby Wine. And now Samsung added one more color choices: Pink Martian. In addition, Samsung also plans to add other colors: Topaz Blue, although until now it's still unclear when Samsung will release this color option.

Yeah, an additional color option is of course very interesting for its users. So, how about you? Is pink your favorite…

Galaxy Note 10.1: Best Ever Samsung's Tablets Sell for $600 via Verizon Wireless

As previously confirmed that the Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE version will be sold through Verizon Wireless on Thursday, March 7, 2013 for $600. Meanwhile, this tablet will be available in Korea in November.

From the website Engadget described the verizon version of this tablet will be powered by a 1.4 GHz quad-core Exynos processor, 2GB RAM, 7,000 mAh battery, and there will be a large carrier logo on the rear casing. Samsung's latest tablet will run with operating system Android 4.1 with cascading window support.

As reported earlier, this newest Note series is part of Samsung's ambition to be more in charge of the tablet market, following their previous success in the smartphone market through a line of Galaxy S series. Even at MWC 2013, Samsung's executive confirmed that their target in 2013 are double the sales of their products.

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As with other gadgets, this tablet also has advantages and disadvantages. Let's check it all below:

(+) In…