Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Delete SIM Card Contact in Two Easy Ways

Many great things that you can get when using the Samsung Galaxy SIII, as you can use the Direct Call function to make calls to the number that is being displayed on the screen just to pick the phone near in your ear.

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In addition, you can also limit who can contact you by adding the numbers that you want into rejection list.

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And one thing that also interesting about the Samsung Galaxy SIII is that users can save contact in various locations, such as in Gmail account, in phone storage or in the SIM card.

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But if you store a lot more contact in your SIM card rather than in two other locations and you want to manage your contact with removing some of them, then there are two ways you can do.

How to delete a SIM card contact?
As mentioned in, you have two options when you want to delete the contact that you store on your SIM card. They are:

1. Delete a SIM card contact using the Samsung Galaxy SIII
This way you can delete your contacts in the SIM card directly through your phone, below are the steps you need to do:
  • Go to Contact app through Samsung Galaxy SIII Home screen.
  • Press the Option button.
  • Select Contact to display.
  • Select SIM to display the contact in your SIM card.
  • To delete a single contact, long press on the contact you wish to delete. Pop up menu will Appear then tap on Delete. Tap OK to finish it.
  • To multiple delete, tap on option then the pop-up menu will Appear. Tap on Delete. It will show checkboxes to tick any contact you wish to delete then tap Done to finish it.

2. Delete a SIM card contact using Samsung's Kies Software
Beside through the phone, you can also delete contacts using Kies, below are the steps you need to do:
  • Connect your phone to your computer using a micro USB cable.
  • Once the device is recognized, tap on Kies icon on your computer to run it.
  • Select Contact under Connected devices.
  • Select SIM tab on the Contact page.
  • Here you can delete single or multiple contact by tick them then click the Bin icon.
  • Click Save to device to apply the changes you made to your phone.

Both of the ways mentioned above is very easy to do and does not take long. You can choose one of them when you want to delete the contacts on your SIM. So, let me know your feedback through the comment below if you find this article useful for you :)


  1. This was not useful for the fact that the tick boxes beside my SIM contacts are not highlighted, rendering me unable to delete any of my contacts from this list. Now, if there is a way to force this, other than downloading Kies, I would be grateful to know what it is. Ta :)

    1. Hi Mary Blevins,
      Thanks for coming.
      I just duplicated your issue on my phone. When I'm in the Contacts app and shows my SIM card contacts, I open up the Menu key then select "Delete" and I have the checkbox appears in the left side in each contact allows me to select which one I wish to delete by ticking the checkbox in the desired contacts.

  2. I did it, but after I confirmed deleting, a message "Contacts stopped" appeared ! And the app hanged! I tried this many times - may need to be root? Phone is Samsung Galaxy S4 mini.


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