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Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Delete Saved Wi-Fi Network Profile

Nowadays, there are lot of activities that you can do through the phone that use internet connection to works, from open your Facebook account, send email messages, download and install apps from the Play Store, etc. One way that you can do to obtain internet connection to your Samsung Galaxy SIII is by connecting to the Wi-Fi network.

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The steps to do so is quite simple and easy. Even so, some of visitors of Inside-Galaxy said that they have encountered problem associated with the Wi-Fi network connectivity, such as unable to connect to the saved Wi-Fi network profile because the password has been changed. Well, if you also encountering the same problem, then you can try to delete the required Wi-Fi network profile saved in your phone, then try to re-connect again.

How to forget Wi-Fi network profile?
Below are the complete steps to remove Wi-Fi network:
Go to Settings.If required, turn the Wi-Fi on. When the slider is in the …

Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Add Some Contacts to Certain Group

Creating contact group based on certain category is one of the best way to organize your contacts. By grouping some contacts, it will allow you to send them the same message at once and set certain ringtone to them to make you more easier to recognize them when they call you just by hearing the tone.

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One more advantage you can do on contact groups on your Galaxy SIII is you can add multiple contacts to certain group at once. This of course will save your time, because you don't need to add contact one by one when you want to add several contacts to a group.

How to add multiple contacts to certain group?
Follow the steps listed below to add more than one contact to the contact group you've created before:
Go to Apps through Home screen.Tap Contacts.Tap Groups tab.Here you will see a list of your contact groups.Tap and hold the required contact group you wish to add its member.Tap Add member …

Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Select Network Mode

In Samsung Galaxy SIII you can select its network manually or automatically according to your need and situations. When you choose to use automatically option means that your phone will automatically select preferred network. While if you choose manually option means that you will be able to choose its network on your own.

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In addition to select its network, you can also choose which network mode that you wish to use on your phone, such as: 3G and or GSM. But, note that your choice may depends on the data speed that you can Achieve.

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How to choose network mode?
As written on, to select the network mode on your Galaxy SIII kindly following the easy steps below:
Go to Apps through Home screen.Scroll to Settings, then tap on it.Tap More settings.Tap Mobile networks.Tap Network mode.Now you phone's screen will display a pop-up menu that contains the network mode op…

Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Select Phone Network Automatically or Manually

Almost all of the things in your Samsung Galaxy SIII could be done in several ways, such as when you want to turn on or off Wi-Fi on your phone, you can set it automatically connect or manually connect.

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The same thing you can do when choosing a network for your mobile phone, you can use two ways available: selecting the network automatically or manually. When you select to automatically, then your phone will automatically select the preferred network, while if you choose manually, you can choose the network on your own. But, choose your network manually could result in lost network connection if you are out of range from the selected network.

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How to set automatic network selection?
As written on, to choose network automatically kindly following the steps below:
Go to Apps through Home screen.Scroll to Settings, then tap on it.Tap More settings.Tap Mobile networks.Tap Network operators.Tap S…