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Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Add Music and Video Files from PC

There are many ways you can do when you want to transfer music or video files from your computer into your Galaxy SIII, such as transfer directly from PC, using Samsung Kies, using Windows Media Player, using the memory card etc.

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From all these ways, transfer directly from the computer is the most widely used method because it does not require any app or any activation. Or you can call this method as a transfer from a PC through removable disk.

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How to add music or video files directly from a computer?
As written on, below are the steps you need to do:
  1. Connect your phone with the PC using the USB cable.
  2. Once the device is connected, a USB icon will appears on notifications bar. Tap and drag the icon downwards to access the notification panel.
  3. Tap on Connected as a media device option and make sure that checkboxes on media device (MTP) option is checked. Now you can transfer any music or video files you want to your phone.
  4. On your computer, go to Window explorer. Here you should see your phone as a removable disk.
  5. Acces a removable disk (phone storage) on Window explorer, Here you should see Videos and Music folders.
  6. To transfer files, drag or copy and paste music or videos from your PC to these folders. Your phone will automatically recognize these files.
  7. Or you may create new folders under these two default folder if you want to make your files more organized or group on category you wish.
  8. Once you finish to transfer all music or video files you want, you can disconnect your phone with the computer and enjoy your favorite music through your Galaxy SIII.

Today, the need to listen to music is very important for many peoples. With so many ways that you can use to add music or videos from computer to your phone, now you can listen various kind of your favorite music. So, have you tried the method above to add music on your phone? If so, you can share your thoughts here through the comment below :)


  1. thanks for your help!

    1. You're welcome, buddy.
      I'm so happy found my articles can help you.
      However, thanks for the visit and comment.
      Have a nice day :)

  2. Don't see any removable disk on Windows Explorer. On the task bar the is a yellow box saying Found New Hardware MTP Device and it keeps on beeping. Can't close it. In summary your instructions don't work for me.

    1. Hi There,
      I'm so sorry if this articles didn't work for you.
      But, I want to know, did you ever managed to connect your phone with your PC? Try to restarting your phone and PC then try to reconnect them. If it still not work for you, you may want to try the steps listed below:
      1. On your PC right click My Computer.
      2. Click Manage.
      3. Click Manage Devices.
      4. Scroll down to MTP Device then right click on it.
      5. Select Update (may say update hardware or update device or something like that. Click it).
      6. Now wait until the process is completed then go to your Explorer, if it works you should see your S3 will turn up there.

      Hope it helps :)

  3. In step #7 you refer to two default folders but I don't see where you describe those two folders. Can you explain the full path to those two folders on the phone?

    1. Hi Chris Fontenot,
      I'm so sorry if the steps I've mentioned above is not clear for you. As I've said on step #5, two folders I means are video and music folder. When you've managed to connect your phone to your PC, then your phone will like the other USB mass media which you can see on windows explorer. Here you should see these two folder.
      Hope this helps :)

  4. How do I transfer my contacts details from my
    gs3 to my Hands Free telephone system on my Honda accord.I have paired my phone with the HFT system.

    1. Hi Harry potter,
      Thanks for coming here.
      I find a post on droid forum similar with your issue. Here I quote from there:
      "At the top of the phone screen is a gray bar where you can see the 3G designator, the signal strength, the battery indicator etc. This is a drop down menu. Just flick it downward and it comes down.
      If your phone is paired with the receiver and you haven't responded to it as of yet there should be a message requesting permission to download the phonebook. Just press the affirmative response and it will download. It takes a few seconds each time and seems to update each time it reconnects so the phonebook icon in the car won't immediately show that the phonebook is available. Give it a few seconds."

      When you missed the request message at the first time, simply turned off the bluetooth in the phone and then turned it back on and the message came back.

      Hope this helps :)

  5. Phone appears as a portable device after connecting via USB. However from here I cannot view any pics/vids that are on my phone and I also cannot drag any music to the phone. Is it a software issue. Thanks

    1. Hi Jp Lecuyer,
      Thanks for coming.
      In the notification area, tap "Connected as a media device", then select "Media device (MTP)". Once done, try to copy music or video files from the phone to PC or vice versa.
      Hope this helps :)

  6. So, where do you drag the music from?

    1. Hi Laura Sharkey,
      Thanks for coming.
      Once your phone is connected with your PC. The internal storage and the SD card(if available) will be displayed as a drive in the Windows explorer (if you're using Windows PC). From here, you can copy your music files from any drive/folder on your PC to your phone/SD card drive.

  7. Hi I have an s3 and all of a sudden my music won't show up in the media player where as previously it did

    1. Hi Jessica Turner,
      Thanks for coming.
      Did you make any change before encountering this problem? However, try to restart your phone and then see whether it helps :)

  8. To the people who are still having issues after following the steps: (I was one of them.) You might want to make sure USB debugging is turned off. If you haven't already, of course. THIS was my issue.

    1. Hi Cati Heylmann,
      Thanks for coming.
      FYI, because I'm not a super user therefore I never change anything in the developer options. I just plug my phone into my PC using USB cable without doing any change on my phone. So, in my opinion, if we don't understand with the function of the options under developer options, it'll be better if we leave it as how it comes.

  9. Hey!
    I have a problem. I can't transfer mp3 files from my computer to my SD card on my phone! I have no troubles transferring to the phone, but the storage capasity there is way too low for me to store all my songs!
    I have tried to restart both the phone and the computer, but it still won't work!
    Do you have any ideas of what I could do?

    1. Hi Peter Grimstad,
      Thanks for coming.
      1. Make sure you have free space enough in your SD card to allow you copying/moving that files into the SD card.
      2. Try to copy/move a file from the internal storage to the SD card or try to create a new folder in the SD card. If you can't do that, maybe your SD card is corrupted and you need to format it(it will erase all files you have saved in the SD card therefore if possible you can move all files in the SD card to your PC or another storage before formatting the SD card).

  10. Hi Rehan,

    So I have been having the Samsung Galaxy S3 for about 18 months now and sure this USB file transfer was working perfectly fine up until about one month ago.

    I get all of the steps you just mentioned above and they are fine.

    However, once I start to copy music files, the copying starts and then just stops when the file is about to be finished copying itself onto my Samsung. So, in other words if I am transferring one file (song, movie, you name it) then it stops (the bar in the window where you monitor the copying status) just before reaching 100 % , if I am copying two files then the copy bar stops just before 50 % and just stands there. Ultimately, I can't copy a whole file. It seems to be working for 99% of the file but that last 1 % is just not going through.

    It frustrates the hell out of me, since I constantly update my music and movie library.

    What should I do to make it work?

    1. Hi Filip Bernat,
      Thanks for coming.
      - Did the problem occur when you transferred that file from the PC to the internal storage or to the SD card or both of them?
      - Did you able to copy/move file from your internal storage to the SD card and vice versa?
      - Have you tried transferring files from other PC?
      - Have you tried using other USB cable(if available)? It's recommended using the USB cable that came with the phone.
      - Have you ever tried transferring that files from the PC to the phone by using other method(e.g: via Wi-Fi)?


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