10 Useful Tips for Optimizing the Performance of the Samsung Galaxy SIII

This time inside-galaxy will write about Samsung Galaxy SIII as it's the Samsung's flagship smartphone released last year and surpassed the sales of Apple's iPhone. This certainly makes sense because this phone comes with a larger screen, powerful processors, some useful features and are available in almost all countries arroud the world.

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The interesting thing about this phone is the changes to the Android operating system which means there are some unusual features. According to site itproportal.com, below are some tips to turn these features on in order to make you able to do more and see something different on your favorite mobile phone:

1. Customization audio to personal settings
Customises phone call audio is one of the coolest features present in this mobile phone that allows you to adjust the Personalised EQ which will pumps up the frequencies most appropriate for you. As we know, everyone has different hearing abilities, such as when we are older ears usually will have problems hearing audio with high frequency.

To enable this feature hit Menu-> Call Settings-> In-call Sound EQ settings-> Personalised EQ. After that you can run the audio check with plug headphones in your phone, and your phone will change to a personal audio settings.

2. Ring your phone loudly
There are some people who always carry their phone wherever they go. Unfortunately, when the phone is placed in the bag, this often makes you missed an incoming call or message because you do not hear your phone ringing. Well, your problem will be solved by this feature. Due to turn this feature on, your phone will ring louder when in a dark place like a purse or pocket.

It's very easy to enable this feature, simply by hit Menu-> Call Settings-> turn on Increase Volume in Pocket.

3. Turn Off "bloop" noise
Maybe you will be annoyed with the "bloop" noise when you press the button on your phone. You can eliminate this noise by going to Settings-> Sound-> turn off both Keytones and Touch Sounds. Or you can also turn on "Haptic feedback" if you want your phone vibrate.

4. Mute/Pause the phone Quickly
Are you frequently disturbed by noise from your phone while you're doing other activities? You can solve this by using the features available in your phone that allows you to be able to shut the phone up Quickly. It is very easy, simply by going to Settings-> Motion-> turn on Motion Activation. Another way you can do is Scroll down-> pick Turn Over to Mute/Pause and Palm Touch to Mute/Pause.

After you enable this feature you can easily shut the phone up by covering the entire screen with your hand, or by flipping the phone face-down on the table.

5. Prevent the screen going black
You can prevent your phone screen going black with enabled the smart stay feature. This feature is utilize the camera to keep your phone's screen to not goes black for as long as you do see it. To enable this feature go to SSettings-> Display-> pick Smart Stay.

6. Keep illuminated the Menu and Back buttons stay on
If you have a problem to remember the location of invisible buttons, or forget where the home button is the menu and which are Back, then you need to activate this feature by going to Settings-> Display-> pick Touch Key Light Duration-> pick Always On. When you have a turn on this feature, the Menu and Back button will stay illuminated as long as you're screen on.

7. Change your favorite apps
You'll see favorite apps on your phone when you turn it on. Usually it contains Dialler, Mail, S Memo, and Camera buttons, and you'll open apps when you tap one of them and drag up. The good news is you can change the 4 app into the app you want. It's easy Go to Settings-> Lock Screen Options. First, you need to make sure that the shortcuts set to on, then click on the word Shortcuts. Well, now you can change the default app to the app you want, for example, Gmail etc..

8. Tap to share
One of the features that are fun to try is the NFC technology and S Beam. You can beam pictures, music, and contact cards between 2 pairs of Galaxy SIII by hold their back an 1 inch from each others. To enable it go to Settings-> Wireless and Network-> pick More Settings-> turn on NFC and S Beam.

9. Save your Data
This app is worth trying even it is a third-party app, especially if you're on a data limited plans. This app named Extend Onavo that you can find through Google Play Store. This app will compress your data up to 80% when you're surfing on the internet. It will be very useful when you are in the 500MB data plans or less, though by using this app you have to pay for it with battery life and data speed.

10. Save battery
If you are a person who frequently use the screen on for a long time, you can save power that will be used to screen and CPU by going to Settings-> Display-> turn on Auto Adjust Screen Tone. Back out, turn on Power Saving, and turn all the checkboxes on.

Hopefully ten tips above can be useful for those of you who are using the Samsung Galaxy SIII and this could make your phone's performance be better. And of course i'm really happy if you have your own tip for this phone and you are willing to share it by write them in the comments below :)

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