Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Enable or Disable Backup Assistant Plus Applications

We all probably agree that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a great smartphone that comes with some of the advanced technology and useful features. However, it does not mean that this phone could not have problems. Just like any other electronic device, mobile phone usage and age can also cause Galaxy SIII experiencing problems that also experienced by other phones.

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One of the common problems experienced by the Galaxy SIII is random freezing. Usually this problem happens because of software problems or update operating system.

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One of the things you can do to avoid freezing is to disable backup assistant plus app on your phone. This app is useful to perform a backup on the contact and other data on your mobile phone.

How to turn on or off backup assistant plus?
As written on, to turn on or off this app all you need to do is following the easy steps below:
  1. Go to Settings through the Galaxy SIII Home screen.
  2. Scroll to the Application manager, then tap on it.
  3. Select All tab.
  4. Scroll to Backup assistant plus, then tap on it to switch it on or off.

It's easy, right? Now you can adjust the settings of backup assistant plus on your phone. If you find this app useful, then keep it on. But, if you find this app started giving problems on your phone, then you can turn it off. So, try this useful method then share your experience here through the comment below :)


  1. One of my problems (Not registered on network) is at

    1. Hi Chazz,
      Sorry for late answer. I was watch your video and i did further investigate on your issue by walking arround on many forum, there are a lot of thread that post about the same issue as yours. Although, not all of them get a solution that can fix their problem. However here I outline some points for you:
      1. Check your IMEI first. has it changed?
      2. Look for the series, if it starts with 00000 or something like that then you may need to use Ariza Patch.
      3. Or maybe you can try to use another sim card, but I do not see it to be your choice.

      And, after more than a hour search for your relevant issue, finally I find useful links for you. I hope it will help you more. here the link:

  2. What if Backup Assistant Plus is not listed? I just got my phone a few weeks ago and just noticed it hasn't updated anything to my Picasa album. Would the app/utility be under a different name? Stuff already on my Picasa is available to be seen on my phone. Help!

    1. Hi SusieTron FiveThousand,
      I'm so sorry if this articles can't help you. You can find Backup Assistant plus under all applications if you use Android ICS. But if you already has the Android Jelly Bean, you can find it under the Accounts heading in the Settings menu, due to it has been integrated into the Settings. Here you can select it then you'll get a list of items that you can backup. Tap the Backup now button at the bottom of the list to backup.
      Hope it helps :)

  3. Yeah... this isn't helpful. The problem with backup assistant is that it automatically re-enables itself. It can't just be turned off like any other app.

    1. Hi Tyler,
      Thanks for coming and share your thought here.
      I've found some users who experience the same issue with yours. Some of them can fix it by freezing the app and its processes using third-party app, such as system tuner.
      Hope this helps :)

  4. I have a Galaxy s3. I deleted a text message and would like to restore it. My last backup is from 10/3 with back up assistant is there a way and chance to restore my text messages with backup assistant?

  5. My gs3 keeps downloading photos, my data usage is getting huge. How can I stop this?

    1. Hi Ed Smyth,
      Thanks for coming.
      Did what you mean is your phone keep downloading photos or keep give you a download notification? If so, indeed some of user who did update the phone to the latest OS encounters this problem. If you don't mind, you can visit our post to fix this problem here:
      Hope this helps :)

  6. how to acctivate notificaton backup in samsung s3 mini?


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