Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Adjust the Screen Brightness

Samsung Galaxy S3 is a great smartphone that comes with a set of powerful components, advanced technology and useful features inside. However, the use of components such as the huge screen, wireless features, LTE data connections, etc.. sometimes be paid with more battery consumption which can lead to poor battery life. To keep your battery has a better battery life you can do several things, such as turning off unused features, turn off LTE when not in use or adjust the display settings.

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To get better battery life, set the screen brightness setting is an attempt to get it. Set your screen brightness as your needs and conditions, so you can avoid wasting your battery consumption by your phone's screen.

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How to increase or reduce the screen brightness?
As written on, you can adjust the screen brightness of your phone by following the simple steps below:
  1. Go to Apps through Home screen.
  2. Scroll down until you find Settings, then tap on it.
  3. Tap on Display.
  4. Tap on Brightness.
  5. Set your screen brightness by sliding the slide to the right to increase the brightness and slide to the left to reduce the brightness.
  6. Tap on the OK button.
  7. Finish. Your screen brightness has been successfully changed.

Well, it's so easy to do. This simple thing will help you to save more battery consumption. More saving battery consumption means more better battery life. So, try this useful tips then share your experience here through the comment below :)

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