Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Use Camera Burst Shot Mode

As we know that Samsung Galaxy SIII comes with advanched camera that equipped with some shot mode that will allow you to take a picture with different result in each mode. One of them is smile shot mode that will allow the camera to take a picture automatically when it detects smile in frame.

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Another shot mode available is burst mode. This mode will allow you to take up to 20 shots at 3.3fps or in other words this mode will takes 6 seconds to shots 20 continuous pictures. When use this mode you will required to tap the screen until 20 picture are captured or you can lift your finger if you think that the number of frame is enough. And the best thing in this mode is you can choose the best picture later using the Best photo function.

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How to use burst mode?
This mode will produce a good result if you use it in good lighting environment. Taken from, here the steps to use burst mode on your Galaxy SIII:
  1. Open Camera app from the Home screen. If there is no icon for the camera, you can go to Apps through Home screen then tap Camera.
  2. Tap the shooting mode icon or the square symbol located in the left side of the viewfinder screen.
  3. On the pop up menu select Burst shot. When the dot indicator next to shot mode option shows green means this mode is selected.
  4. Tap and hold camera icon as smooth as possible until you have taken enough number of shots or until you reach 20 shots.
  5. To allow you selecting the best photo, you can turn on the best photo option by tapping best photo function ON. By turn this option on means the camera will limit the number of shots to 8 per burst.
  6. Tap and hold the camera icon to take picture using burst shots mode with best photo option ON.
  7. Wait until the process is complete.
  8. A blue box and thumbs up icon will appear in the bottom of screen as a sign that this image is the best shots.
  9. Select the best image on the blue box then tap Done button to save the image.
  10. Finish. Now you have managed to take a picture using burst mode.

By knowing on how to use burst mode in your Galaxy SIII, now you can take a picture of fast action sceene with ease then you can choose the best photo later using the best photo option. And for the record, avoid using this mode in low light environment due to it will required slower shutter speed to produce a good result, means if you use this mode in this kind of environment will may result in a blur image. So, try this shot mode then share your experience here through the comment below :)


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