Common Problems with Samsung Galaxy SIII and How to Fix It | Part I

We all agree that the Samsung Galaxy SIII is a great phone that is equipped with powerful hardware / software and useful features. Although some people say that this smartphone is too big, but in fact this phone has sold exceeded expectations. But nothing perfect in this world, right? so does the phone.

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There are some common problems that have been reported in this phone, such as overheating, lag, random freezes etc.. As reported by the site, below is a common problem on the Samsung Galaxy SIII and how to fix them:

1. Random Freezes
In 2013 many users have reported that their phones are experiencing random freezes. There is even a cell phone for months is fine then suddenly experiencing this problem. The cause of this problem could be due to software and it might be related to the update for Android 4.1.2

There are many ways that you can try to solve this problem for a while and was not able to prevent this problem to arise again in the future. Let's check them:
  • Restart your phone.
  • Pull the battery, but this is not the recommended solution.
  • Just wait, your phone may take a while for 15 minutes or more to fix itself.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.
  • Rolling back the software.
From many reports, the best thing you can accomplish this problem is to restore the device to Samsung for repair, of course, if you buy this phone in new condition and still in the warranty period.

2. Sudden Death Syndrome
Evidently not only humans who experienced SID, the phone also can experience this, not least with the Galaxy SIII. From all reports, the problem is only experienced by the 16GB Galaxy SIII handsets. This is usually caused by a problem in flash memory (eMMC) chip. If your phone is having suddenly died and you're concerned with the condition of your phone, you can use the eMMC Brickbug Check app to check your phone that you can get through Google Play Store.

Another thing you can do is go to the Samsung Support for replacement or to gaet repair to the problems that occur on your device. And the good news is that Samsung has released a fix for this problem. So, you do not need to worry if your phone already has the latest firmware update.

3. Battery Drain
Battery problem is an important issue in every smartphone. It was also experienced by the Galaxy SIII, some even report that it's happen when the phone is in standby mode or not in use.

As we know that the international version of this phone has flaws in terms of battery. Power profile in the phone shows battery usage a lot more than it should. It's more on the statistical error, not a battery drain.

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However, if your Galaxy SIII quickly drain when you use or even when in standby. Due to various causes battery drain, then you need to do several things to accomplish it:
  • If your phone has Chrome installed, go to settings-> Developr tools-> uncheck Enable Scrolling Tilt.
  • Turn Off LTE
    This feature is reportedly spending a lot of power consumption. To do this go to Settings-> More settings-> Mobile Network-> Network mode> turn off LTE. In theory it makes sense if the battery will drain quickly if you are in an unavailable LTE area while LTE features in your phone is ON, because your phone will continue to search it and it requires a lot of power.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi
    Using Wi-Fi more saving power than when you use LTE. Of course, with a note that you have to be in the area that provide Wi-Fi service. If not, then this will cause the same thing as LTE, your battery will drain faster because the connections search process.
  • Disabling the Samsung account and various Samsung App, especially preinstalled app that you do not use. You can do this by going to Settings-> Applications Manager-> Select All tab-> disable the app or anything on the list that you do not use.

4. Audio and microphone problem

Of course it is annoying if you can not hear well the voice of the person who call you and vice versa. At Galaxy SIII also reported problems of speakerphone that is not working properly, even complete loss of audio. For this problem, Samsung has released a fix, so if your phone already has the latest firmware update, then you do not need to worry.

But if you are still having this problem, maybe some of the things below can help you fix your problem:
  • Restart the phone. But this is only a temporary solution.
  • Go to Settings-> Accessibility-> Turn off all sounds is not checked. After that, go to Settings> Sound-> Ensure your volume levels are correct and sound is turned on.
  • Turn off the noice reduction by Go to Menu-> Call settings-> Additional settings-> uncheck noise reduction.
  • Check if your phone microphone clogged something. If so, clean it carefully. Try to compressed air to blow it out.

Some of the problems mentioned above are the most frequently reported experienced by users of Samsung Galaxy SIII. In the next part two we will learn about other issues that are often experienced by this phone. So, kept see inside-galaxy so you do not miss it :)


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    1. Hi Prakash Budhathoki,
      Thanks for coming.
      This problem usually occurs in the Galaxy Note 2 which the eMMC chips that contains phone's RAM is corrupted. Here may be the possible way to fix it:
      1. Upgrade the phone to get the fix. Some issues may be fixed by doing this.
      2. Try to install the eMMC Brickbug Check apps to check whether the memory chip is vulnerable or not. Here's the link:
      3. Try to install Dummy File Generator to trigger the bug. Some of user said that their phone more stable after installing this apps. Here's the link:
      Hope this helps :)

  2. I switched off my Samsung s 111 during the work hours and when I on it after the work, it did not come up. Please, what is wrong and what to do?

    1. Hi Sulaiman Musa,
      Thanks for coming.
      Did you make any change before encountering this problem, such as change the settings, install any app or update the phone? Anyway, try to charge the phone for a hours or so and then try to turn on the phone again. A flat battery sometimes make you unable to turn on the phone. Another way, try to change the battery--if available--, to make sure that your battery has no problem.


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