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Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Make a Conference Call

As we learned before, you can use several ways to make a call with the Samsung Galaxy SIII, either using advanced features like easy call or direct call or use a regular way as many people usually do on their phones.

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With a 1.4 GHz quad-core Exynos processor inside the Galaxy SIII, you can do multitasking smoothly using this phone, including to make a call more than one person at the same times or commonly referred as a conference call.

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How to make a conference call?
Before doing this you must first make sure that your network allow you to do it. As written on, to be able to make conference call on your Galaxy SIII, kindly following the easy steps below:
  1. Go to Apps through Home screen.
  2. Scroll to Phone, then tap on it.
  3. Enter the number you want to call.
  4. Tap the call icon.
  5. Once the first person has answerred your call, you can add second person by tap on Add call icon.
  6. Enter the phone number of the second person you want to call.
  7. Tap on the call icon.
  8. Once the second person has answerred your call, now you can merge these two call by tap on the Merge icon.
  9. You can add the number of callers as many as allowed by your network. You should know that each carrier may have a different limit. To add more person, repeat from the #5.
  10. Tap on End call to end all call.

Well, that's all the steps you need to do to the make a conference call on your Galaxy SIII. By knowing the steps, now you can discuss over the phone or report a big news on some people just in one go. So, try this useful feature then share your experience here through the comment below :)


  1. How come if no one answers the call you want to add you have to hit end and lose the caller you started out with? Now you have to call that person back. Where is the flash option? Why would samsung make a phone without that option to be able to end one call and return to your original call???

    1. Hi Dovon F,
      Thanks for coming and leave your thought here.
      Yes you're right, by default when you hit end call button while conference then it will disconnect all calls. I don't know why Samsung set this phone like this, maybe Samsung doesn't want other party simply hang up and disconnect themselves while they on conference calls. Maybe anybody here will tell us another possible reason for this.

  2. I find it to be rude to disconnect the called person just because the 2nd person doesn't join. Shaku

  3. It is rude to disconnect with the person you are speaking with just because the oth er person doesn't join you two!

    1. Hi Shaku Atre's Blog,
      Thanks for coming and leave your thought here.
      From what I've known, there are so many peoples out there who didn't like with this default setting that sometimes force them to disconnect all connection when they press End call button while they on conference calls. Unfortunately, this is the setting by default and we can do nothing on it.

    2. Once conference call is in seasion with two additional callers, go to menu, manage conference call, seperate calls, end call you wish to end while continuing call with other party.

    3. Hi Guestparty,
      Thanks for coming and also thanks to share your useful knowledge here. However, may I know what carrier are you using now? Some carrier sometimes has the option or capability that are not owned by the other.

  4. I agree. I use this function for work with an interpreter service and if the 2nd party does not answer when called, I cant call a second number and lose my interpreter. Not GOOD!!!

    1. Hi Heather Waggoner,
      Thanks for coming and share your thought here.
      Many people not like with this settings, but this is the default so we can do nothing.

  5. When I choose merge, it says unable to make conference calls. Why is this?

    1. Hi Katy Stevenson,
      Thanks for coming.
      Try to call your provider to ask them whether the network support this feature or not. Some user said that they finally be able to make conference call once they call the provider and the provider add this feature to their phone.

    2. I also get this message and my provider account settings are set for call waiting.

  6. its says unable to switch??

    1. Hi Lisa Rose,
      Thanks for coming.
      Try to call your provider to ask them about this feature. If they have the capability for call conference, then ask them to enable it so you can make a conference call on your phone.

  7. how do i hang up with one caller, but keep the first caller on the line, without hanging up on ALL parties.

    1. Hi Buddy,
      Thanks for coming.
      Unfortunately, seems there's no way to end one caller while you're in the conference call because this phone has no option to separate a conference call to private calls(you may have seen this option in iPhone).


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