Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Record Video

As we all know that the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with advanched camera and equipped with various useful features. With this camera you will be able to get a better picture, even you can capturing much wider perspective of the landscape into a photo using panoramic photo features owned by this camera.

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In addition capturing object into a better photos, you can also use this camera as a video recorder to record any events that you want to capture in a video with ease, as almost anything you do with this phone.

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How to use Galaxy S3 camera as video recorder?
As written on, here are the steps you need to do to video recording:
  1. Turn on the video recorder by going to Apps through Home screen then select Camera. Once the camera is on, drag the indicator to the video recorder icon.
  2. Before you begin recording, tap on the video icon recorder setting to set some option, such as:
    • Turn on the video light: tap on Flash then slide switch next to this option to turn it on.
    • Select resolution: tap on Resolution then select the required resolution you want to use on your video.
    • Select Memory: tap on Storage then tap on Phone or Memory card to determine which storage you will use to save your video.
  3. To start recording tap the record icon.
  4. While you are recording, you can zoom in or zoom out the object using the Volume Up key and the Volume Down key.
  5. To end recording tap again on the record icon.
  6. Now your video will automatically saved in storage that you specify before.
  7. To exit from the video recorder press the Home key.

Well, it's so easy, right? By knowing how to record video using camera owned by Galaxy S3, now you can capture your own moments in a video and make it a memory that you can see again in the future. So, capture your precious moments in a video by using the steps mentioned above and share your thoughts here by commenting below :)


  1. When using the VOLUME control for zooming, the microphone picks up a CLICKING sound from the toggle switch each time it is pressed which spoils the video.There should be a way to keep zoom bar on the screen to zoom silently.

    1. Hi Buddy,
      In addition to use Volume key to zoom in or zoom out, you can use another way to do it. Place your two fingers on the screen then spread them apart to zoom in, while to zoom out pinch your two fingers together.

      Or you can try to silent your phone by press and hold Power button then on the pop up menu select Silent mode, so there will no sound when you zoom the video using the Volume key.

      Hope it helps :)


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