Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Use Camera Smile Shot Mode

In previous articles, we have learned about how take picture using cartoon mode. This shot mode will alow your camera to add a cartoon effect on your photo.

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In this post, we will learn about how to take picture using the Samsung Galaxy SIII camera with smile shot mode. When you choose to use this mode, then your phone's camera will try to detect people face within the frame and once it detect a smile it will automatically take a picture.

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How to use smile mode?
As written on, to use this kind of shot modes, then you just need to follow the steps listed below:
  1. Open Camera app from the Home screen. If there is no icon for the camera, you can go to Apps through Home screen then tap Camera.
  2. Tap the shooting mode icon or the square symbol located in the left side of the viewfinder screen.
  3. On the pop up menu select Smile shot.
  4. Point the camera to the people's face within the frame, then tap the camera icon to take a photo.
  5. The camera will automatically shots when it detects a smile.
  6. Finish. Now you have managed to take a picture using smile shot mode.

Well, by knowing how to take picture using this mode, now you can get the people smile in the photo without having to repeat shots just to get a photo with a smile. And for the record, this mode will produce a good result when used for self portrait that requires a good focus on the face. So, smile and lets the camera shots you. Cheeseeee :)

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