Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Transfer Files Using Bluetooth

There are many things you can do by enabling Bluetooth on your Galaxy SIII, one of them is you can pairing it with another Bluetooth capable device to do file sharing or transfer files and data.

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Transferring files via Bluetooth can do with another Galaxy SIII or with another devices which equipped with Bluetooth connection.

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How to use Bluetooth to transfer files?
As written on, if you want to transfer files using Bluetooth, then kindly following the steps below:
  1. Tap the Menu key on Home screen.
  2. On the pop up menu select Settings.
  3. Make sure Bluetooth is ON.
  4. Tap Bluetooth then make sure the Visible option checkbox is ticked.
  5. Tap Home button to return to the Home screen.
  6. Go to Apps.
  7. Scroll to Gallery, then tap on it.
  8. Go to the required folder where you save the photos you want to transfer.
  9. Once you find one, tap and hold the files to select it. When the file is in a blue frame means the file has been selected.
  10. To transfer files tap the share icon.
  11. Tap See all ...
  12. Tap Bluetooth.
  13. If required, tap on OK button to turn on Bluetooth on your phone.
  14. Now your phone will search for other devices, then another Bluetooth device will be displayed in a list.
  15. On the list of available devices tap the required Bluetooth device.
  16. The other device will be asked to accept the file you send.
  17. Wait until the transfer is complete.
  18. Done. Now your file has been successfully transferred to the device that you selected before.

By knowing how to transfer files using Bluetooth, now you can share files with other Bluetooth capable devices that you want. So, try this useful tips then share your experience here through the comment below :)


  1. I don't think this way works anymore after the new software update. If so can you show how?

    1. Hi Solo Mon,
      Thanks for coming.
      I thinks you still can do so by utilizing Share menu in each photo or video file. In Android 4.3, indeed some users experiences a problem where the Gallery app always crashes whenever they hit the Share menu. Well, if you're also facing the same problem, then feel free to visit our post to fix this problem here:
      Hope this helps :)

    2. Hi Keith Brown,
      Thanks for coming.
      You can do so through My file app or another third-party file manager (eg. ES File Explorer or Astro File Manager app) or through Music Player app. As the example, below are the steps to share music files through Music Player app:
      1. Open Music Player app.
      2. Tap the Menu key then select Share music via then select Bluetooth.
      3. You should see the checkbox next to the song allows you to select which one you wish to share.
      4. Tap Done button.
      5. Choose the paired device you wish to share with.
      Hope this helps :)

    3. After update,the share music via option is gone on my s3 and also I cant share audio via whatsapp anymore.Help?

    4. Hi Zoey,
      Thanks for coming.
      Can you please tell me what options available when you hit the Menu key while you open the music in the Music player app? However, you can also share your music files through the My File app or another third-party File Manager app (eg. ES File Explorer app) by selecting the desired music files you wish to share and then tap Share button. From here you can also share the music/audio file using WhatsApp app.
      Hope this helps :)

    5. I m also facing the above mentioned issue as share via bluetoooth and others are not available post updation of android from 4.2 to 4.3..
      Please help .

    6. Hi Vishal Sharma,
      Thanks for coming.
      You can also share the music or another files through My File app or another third-party File Manager app (eg. ES File Explorer). Simply navigate to the required file, long tap the file and tap the Share button. You should be able to share the selected file via Bluetooth or another share methods available.

  2. My problem was in the other way round.. I sent some PDF to my SIII via bluetooth and now i couldn't find those PDF in my SIII.. Please help...

    1. Hi Buddy,
      Thanks for coming.
      You can find all files received with Bluetooth in the Bluetooth folder in the internal storage. Or you can find them by going to Settings> tap "Bluetooth"> tap the Menu key and then select "Received files", all received files by Bluetooth will be displayed here, tap the required file to open it with an appropriate app.
      If you can't find those PDF files, the transfer may be failed. If so, you can try re-transferring those PDF files to your Samsung Galaxy S3.

  3. If i am going to send music to another phone via Bluetooth will this use up a lot of my data, without being connected to wifi??

    1. Hi Tammi Johnson,
      Thanks for coming.
      No, it won't. Sharing files via Bluetooth doesn't require you to connect to the Internet. However, if the recipient phone has Wi-Fi Direct feature, you'd better to use Wi-Fi Direct on your phone to transfer large files because it's faster than Bluetooth and it also doesn't need Internet connection.

  4. why there us no option to send music via bluetooth and in whatsapp

    1. Hi Krishna Rawal,
      Thanks for coming.
      1. No option to send music via Bluetooth in Music Player app.
      CMIIW, after the Jelly Bean update, the option to share music via Bluetooth in Music player app is no longer available or can't be used due to software limitation. Other solution, you can share your music via Bluetooth through My Files app or other third-party File Manager app (e.g: ES File Explorer, Astro File Manager, etc).

      2. Share music via WhatsApp
      While you're chatting with your contact in WhatsApp, you can share music by using the following steps:
      - Tap the Attachment icon located at the top right corner of the screen and then select "Audio".
      - Tap "Choose music track" and then select the desired music files you want to share.
      - Tap "OK" button.
      - Tap "Send button".


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