Common Problems with Samsung Galaxy SIII and How to Fix It | Part II

This time I will fulfill my promise to continue the previous article about the common problems experienced by the Samsung Galaxy SIII part one that took from site So, let's check them out:

5. Overheating
The problem often reported experienced by its users is the phone was overheating that sometimes make their phone experience freezing or crashing.

Samsung delivers big screen, big battery and a set of powerful components in the Galaxy SIII which is very thin, it makes the phone faster heat when you use it, especially for gaming in a long time or other activities that graphically intensive. The part of this phone that is usually the fastest heat was rear its head. However, if your phone is overheating when not in use with intensive, then maybe you have a problem with the hardware.

Well, below are some thing that you do if this problems are experienced by your phone:
  • Take a break and let your phone cool down for a few minutes. Usually the phone will heat up when you use it in a long time.
  • If this problem occurs when the phone is in standby or unintensive usage, then you should contact the seller or the carrier and ask to check your phone to see if there is faulty hardware. If so, then you should be able to get a replacement.

6. Wi-Fi dropping or not detecting
This problem was also reported by many users of Galaxy SIII. Phone connection have no problems, but then the connection had dropped and broken.

If you experience this problem there are several things you can do to fix it:
  • Restart your phone. This is only a temporary solution.
  • Go to Settings-> Wi-Fi-> Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep is set to always.
  •  Do over-the-air update.
  • Try Wifi Analyzer app if the problem is your router.

7. Lag
Of course you do not want to experience lag when using your Galaxy SIII for navigating arround. But if you have a delay time when you hit the home button or the app down to your settings when you close it, so as much as possible do not use a task killer apps and do a regular reboot on your phone to clear memory.

Things you can do to overcome the lag problems experienced by your phone are:
  • Switch off power saving by doing drag down the navigation bar at the top.
  • If there is lag associated with the home button, this may be caused by S Voice. Samsung has been set by default when you double tap to home button automatically opens S Voice. This is what causes lag on your mobile phone. To fix it double tap the home button to launch S Voice then go to settings through the menu and uncheck the option Open via the home key.
  • Go to Settings-> Developer option-> change window animation scale and transition animation scale to 5X or you can turn it off so that your phone can work faster without having to load any animation.

8. Vibrating to the music or audio
Perhaps you are wondering why your phone vibrate when you play music or audio app. Well, if you are bothered by this, then you can handle it very easily, simply by go to Settings-> Sound-> uncheck Auto haptic.

9. Copy and paste is not working
There are some reports suggest that the copy and paste features in this phone does not work. Some do not find the option to paste aftr copied something and some even experiencing crashes when trying to paste the copied text.

This problem has actually been realized by Samsung. But until now there is no fix for this. Temporary solution to this problem is to factory reset the phone or root your phone then clear the data from your clipboard. But this solution is not ideal and does not guarantee that this problem will not come again in the future.

10. Smart stay feature does not work properly
Smart stay is a great features that was pinned by Samsung in Galaxy SIII. With this feature, your phone will be able to keep the screen stays on as long as you see it and it will automatically dim and turn off when you do not see it. When this feature is set on in your phone, then there will be occasionallly eye icon po up on the notification bar and your phone will use the front facing camera to check if you still see the screen. If so, then the screen stays on and vice versa. Screen timeout setting on your phone that will determine how often these checks done. From some reports, user find this feature does not work at all on their phone.

Things you can do to fix this problem is to make sure that your face is bright enough so that the camera can see. This feature is very cool, but still not perfect. Sometimes when you are in the dark or shadow the camera can not see your face and it will make the screen turned off. In addition, you may be able to change your screen timeout to be longer so that the screen is not going off quickly.

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Well, that's a common problem experienced by the Samsung Galaxy SIII, as quoted by the site Hopefully you do not have serious problems with your phone which will lead to lower your productivity. And if you experience any of the problems mentioned above, maybe this article can help you to fix it. So many problems out there and not all listed here, so I am very happy if you willing to share them here by write them via the comments below :)

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