Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Enable S Beam, NFC and Use It to Transfer File

As we all know that Samsung's flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy SIII comes with a set of useful features such as smart stay, face unlock, S Beam etc.. Well, this time we will learn about S Beam, one of very interesting feature, in my opinion :)

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S Beam feature works by utilizing a combination of NFC and Wi-Fi Direct that you can use to transfer files between two Galaxy SIII. This combination also allows you to transfer files with larger sizes such as image, video, music etc.. NFC will initiate the transfer, while Wi-Fi direct charge for the actual file transfer, which means by using the S Beam you can get transfer speeds up to 300Mbps.

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How to enable S Beam?
As written by, before you can transfer files between two phones, first you need to enable this feature. It's easy, simply by following the steps bellow:
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select More Settings
  3. Select S Beam
  4. Turn on S Beam.

How to enable NFC?
Besides activating S Beam, to be able to transfer you also have to enable the NFC on your mobile phone. Here is how to enable the NFC:
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select More Settings
  3. Tap on NFC, it will enable the feature and will allow you to exchange the data betwen two phones.

How to transfer files with S Beam?
After you successfully enable the S Beam and NFC, so now you can start the file transfer between two phones. It's easy, follow the steps below:
  1. Navigate image, photo or video that you want to transfer.
  2. Hold back your phone with the back another phone.
  3. Tap to beam to start the file transfer.

You should know that because of file transfer using Wi-Fi direct, then you can take your phone away from another phone without having to worry transfer will be interrupted. You also do not have to connect to the same network to be able to do this.

S Beam Currently only available for the Samsung Galaxy SIII, but if Samsung later released the device using Android 4.0 or higher, then you can also do S Beam with this device.

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Well, it's interesting, isn't it? This great phone is often allow us to do things that previously have been unthinkable. So, do you have your own experience using S Beam? If so, you can share them through the comment bellow :)


  1. This is really helpful dude.i was having a problem using the NFC on my SIII because i didn't turn on the S the conclusion is,you have to turn on both the NFC and S Beam to transfer it.thank you so much.

    1. Hi fahmip,
      Thanks for coming and leave your comment here.
      I'm more than happy to know that you was helped with this article.
      Enjoy reading and have a nice day :)

  2. Where do I find the file that is transfered??

    1. Hi Mindbehind,
      Thanks for coming.
      It's depend on what content you receive. If it's a picture then it will be on your Gallery, if it's contacts file then you will be asked where to save the beamed contact to.
      Hope this helps :)

  3. Thanks for your very informative and easy to understand article.

    1. Hi Sonya Black,
      Thanks for coming.
      Glad to know that this post was useful for you :)


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