8 Things that Should Be on the Samsung Galaxy SIV

Of all the rumors circulating today, it's like being split into two parts. In part one is the rumor about what will be on the SGIV, while the other mentions of what should be there or in other words, what we want on it. According to a news published on the site asia.cnet.co, below are what the user wants to have in the new flagship smartphone from Samsung:

1. Design and Display
Design is an important thing that is always discussed in any smartphone. From the rumors seemed to Samsung want to continue their trend to produce thin smartphone with a large screen and a body made of plastic material. It's certainly not a surprise for us.

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Users always want to get better and better from time to time. If we find that SIII is a great smartphone, but its screen looks like more dim when compared to screen of HTC, Sony, and Motorola. These mobile phone manufacturers have been providing features slick edge-to-edge displays with virtually no surrounding bezel. So, in order to compete with other mobile phone that also has a large screen it is very important for Samsung to pack SIV into a 5 inch 1080p screen. And if the material used is OLED, the new "green PHOLED" as mentioned in many rumors, then it would be much better.

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2. Operating System
To this point, probably almost everyone agrees that the SIV will run the latest version of Android, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. It would be cool if it comes with a sleeker form of the TouchWiz UI.

3. Processor
SIII uses a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor for the U.S. version, while the international version using a quad-core processor and available in the LTE version. Performance given by this processor is quite satisfactory. So, it is very likely Samsung will boost the processor to a quad-core or eight-core to make these gadgets to get the attention of many people. Some rumors mention Exynos 5 Octachips will be used in the Galaxy SIV.

4. Storage and RAM
Previous Samsung put 16/32GB internal storage with 2GB of RAM on the Galaxy SIII. So to better satisfy their users then Samsung would be better if put 64GB preloaded internal storage with support for 4GB of RAM on this new smartphone.

5. Camera
In the previous generation using the 8MP camera. So, it is expected this time Samsung will provide a 13MP camera with some features and better sensors on these SIV. Although the amount of megapixels does not guarantee the performance of the camera would be better.

6. Battery
Samsung prefer to use a removable batteries rather than embedded batteries for Galaxy SIII, then it is expected that the SIV will use the same battery but of course with a higher capacity, such as 2.500 mAh.

7. Features
At SIII, at some time S Voice did not work properly and meet the users need. In SIV Samsung should enhance the features that will be embedded in it, such as features S Beam, eye tracking technology and Visa's payWave mobile payment applet.

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8. Availability
It is also expected by many users that Samsung will release this phone to all carriers in many countries and performed simultaneously. And of course the release date of this phone is supposed to be not too far from the expected date of the announcement will take place on Thursday tomorrow in New York.

Well, in fact Samsung has successfully delivers a powerful device and a great smartphone through Samsung Galaxy SIII released last year. It was also raised fears of another manufacturer if after SIV released and then the carrier will lower the price of SIII. It could be a bad thing for them due it can reduce their smartphone sales figures. Of course, since this device can match with any smartphone available in the market today.

Based on the facts that a user also wants that Samsung will continue this trend on their latest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy SIV and make the user believe that this device will be very impressive. Indeed it is increasingly making us hard to wait for the day when this smartphone will be available in the market and then actually be in our hands. So, how about you? Do you still waiting for this smartphone? share your though through comments below :)

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