13 Things You Should Know About Samsung Galaxy SIV

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Yes, the hottest news lately is the news about the new flagship smartphone from Samsung named Samsung Galaxy SIV, which many people believe will be announced on Thursday tomorrow at Radio City Music Hall New York. Many rumors circulating today may make you more confused when trying to find out more details on the smartphone. Be relax, for you this time inside-galaxy will provide a summary of Galaxy SIV. It may be you can make a consideration before you decide to put it into your purchase list. As mentioned bussinessinsider.com, the following are things you should know about Samsung Galaxy SIV:
  1. The phone is believed to be present with a larger screen than its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy SIII. With a 5-inch screen size you'll get a different experience when you use this smartphone for browsing activities, watching movies or playing games.
  2. This phone will use a body with a plastic material with aluminum side and it would be boxier than its previous generation.
  3. The phone display will be made of a new material called a new "green PHOLED". Mentioned this screen will be capable of 25% more efficient than other existing AMOLED screen available today.
  4. Home button on the phone will be a touch button.
  5. Eye tracking technology that will support the use of cool features such as smart scrolling, smart rotation, smart pause and smart stay.
  6. The camera would be better by used 13MP rear camera and 2.1MP front facing camera. Even some rumor says this camera with high screen resolution support will be able to produce a better image and a more detailed comparison with the image generated by the iPhone.
  7. This phone will run using the operating system Android 4.2 Jelly Bean that has just been released.
  8. If you look at the previous generation is available in many color choices. Many people believe that this phone will also be available in various color options too.
  9. Galaxy SIV U.S. version will come with a quad-core processor, while the international version will come with an eight-core processor. It's not about how many cores on your phone, but Samsung uses it more to describe how fast the smartphone will work.
  10. Samsung will provide 100 million units for its first time launching.
  11. As Samsung's custom in the past, is also expected SGIV start selling simultaneously in all carrier in the U.S..
  12. Samsung has done a deal with Visa that will allow users to make payments by credit card using the integrated NFC chip in the phone.
  13. Almost all of the rumors was mention that this device will be announced on March 14, 2013 in New York. If you see the date of the announcement, the device will likely be released in late March to mid April.
After reading the 13 bullet points about the newest high-end smartphone from Samsung, then we can imagine how cool this phone will be. So, do you interested in one of the points mentioned above? Or all of these points have successfully caught your attention?? Share your thoughts by writing them in the comment below :)

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