Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Use Pop Up Play and Any Options Available Inside

Currently, multitasking is a feature that should be on every new smartphone, given the busy lives today that sometimes forces us to be able to do multiple things at the same time. Thanks to Samsung who has deliver us with great phone, the Samsung Galaxy SIII that allows us to do multitasking with ease.

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One feature that can optimize multitasking on this phone is a Pop up play. It's easy and able to provide a new experience to us about how to multitask video with fun.

What is Pop up play?
According to site, Pop up play is the ability to watch videos or even HD video at the same time when you send messages, write emails, browsing, or whatever you do with your Samsung Galaxy SIII.

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Pop up play allows you to put the video you play to stay at the top, which means you can still see the video while you use other features available on your phone. Below is a video about the pop up play, let's check it out:

How to use pop up play?
Well, now is the time to us to learn about how to use the pop up play to play the video, but you should know that pop up play only works for videos that you have stored in your phone, and it can not work for a video from youtube or video streaming from other services. To do so, follow the steps below:
  1. Go to Video App.
  2. Start to play any video you want to watch.
  3. Touch pop up play icon, the icon usually located in the lower right hand corner in the video play screen.
  4. Now, pop up play is activated, and you can see the video playing on a small screen.
Very easy, right? Now you can do anything on your phone without having to leave the video you play.

What are the options available in the pop up play?
  1. Move the video screen to any part of your phone's screen
    Other fun things you can do with pop pup play is that you can move the video screen wherever you want. It's easy, simply drag the video by using your finger to any position on the screen of your phone. This is very useful for you, for example, when you are writing an email and need to access the keyboard, then you can just move it out away.
  2. Using another app as usual
    The second is that you can still access and use the other app as usual. Obviously you can change the position of the video easily so your other activities are not disrupted.
  3. Wacth it in full screen
    You could easily go back to full screen mode by tap the video.
  4. Close it with ease
    When you have finished with your video, you can easily close it, just press and hold the video and then touch on the red (-) icon. And now your video will instantly closes.

It sounds very fun to use pop up play in our phones. Although you have to pay for it with more battery, but it's worth it, right? So, have you tried to use pop up play on your Galaxy SIII? If so, I'll happy to find your experience in the comments below :)

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