Samsung Galaxy SIV Rumored Comes with Wireless Charging, Touch Less Gesture, New "green PHOLED" Display and Better Battery Life

Rumors about the new smartphone from Samsung with the name Galaxy SIV blew louder, especially when approaching the date that many people speculated to be the date on which Samsung will announce this device. Samsung reported have booked a place in Radio City Music Hall in New York for the unpacked event on March 14, 2013. Although no one can be sure whether the event is about the announcement of a device, but a lot of people believed that this is an announcement about the release date, hardware, software and features of the Galaxy SIV.

Yes, you may call this smartphone as the most rumored smartphone in 2013. Even on some rumors, they mention of this device with a very detailed and specific. Galaxy SIV itself rumored to be as high-end smartphones with the main specification 4.99 inch display 1920x1080 with 440 ppi , quad-core processor, 13MP camera by Sony, run on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and comes with 2GB of RAM to support your gaming activities and multitasking.

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Latest rumor says that it will come with wireless charging with a catch, not with built-in wireless charging as well as on LG Nexus 4 or HTC Droid DNA. This rumors emerged because last year Samsung has promised to bring wireless charging to Galaxy SIII, but until now it has not delivered yet. If the rumors are true, it means that you have to buy a separate wireless charging. As reported by the site that samsung will bring wireless charging to Galaxy SIV, but it seems that the user must buy a kit if they want to charge their smartphone without using any cables. This kit also mentioned will contain a separate black plate, but it is still not clear whether the charger will be in the kit or not. To support the use of wireless charging, this smartphone will come with the Qi wireless charging standard capability which used by many other devices to charge wirelessly.

Rumors are not less heat is about what features will accompany this smartphone. Of the many rumors circulating mentioning that SGIV will present with some excellent features such as Eye Scroll or Smart Scroll and Smart Pause that lets you to control the content on the display with eye movements.

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Other features that may exist on the smartphone, as mentioned by the website that Galaxy SIV will come with less touch screen gesture that allows you to manipulate the thing on the screen by simply hovering over them with your finger, this technology also found in Sony Xperia Sola and Pantech Vega 4G LTE. This newest smartphone from Samsung is also rumored to be present with the AMOLED display with new "green PHOLED" material that is said to be 25% more efficient than other AMOLED displays. With the touch less screen gesture and new AMOLED display material mentioned in this smartphone will be able to increase the battery life to be better. Another feature mentioned is the addition of Samsung's Orb on the TouchWiz Nature UX.

Well, up to now there are so many rumors that emerged about it, but of course all that truth can only be ascertained when Samsung officially announced the device which scheduled to be conducted on next Thursday in New York. So, do you already have an idea about it??? Or, will it going to be one of the favorite smartphone that will go into your purchase list?? Write me your comments to let me know :)

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