Samsung Galaxy Note 2: How to Use Tilt to Zoom Motion Feature

Having a device like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a very fun and can give us a new experience, even we can do things that previously had never thought of using this device. Second generation of Samsung's phablet is very worth to have because it comes with some great motion-based software, the popular one is Tilt to zoom.

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Tilt to zoom reportedly works well on this device. This feature allows users to zoom in or out on any image or web page easily, simply by tilting the device towart you or away from you. If until now you have been familiar with Pinch to zoom, then you can try a new experience by using Tilt to zoom.

How to use Tilt to zoom?
Well, if you want to try use Tilt to zoom in your phablet, you can follow the simple steps below, as written on
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down until you find Motion, then tap on it.
  3. Turn it on by checking the checkbox in Motion activation.
  4. Scroll down until you find Tilt to zoom, turn it on by switch and flip it to the right.
  5. Go out and find any image or web page that you want to zoom.
  6. Put your two thumb in the image that you will zoom, and then watch the magic happen, tilt your Galaxy Note 2 towards you to zoom image in or tilt your Galaxy Note 2 away from you to zoom image out.
It's easy and fun, right? In addition to this features, Galaxy Note 2 also has another cool features, such as the Air View, Easy Clip etc..

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Yeah, indeed this phablet is quite big for a phone, but if you find that the benefits outweigh compared with its size, then your decision to buy and own this device is the right thing. So, have you utilize your phablet with maximum? Let me know by write them through the comment below :)

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