Samsung Galaxy SIV: Amazing Phone with Eye Scroll Features

Samsung Galaxy SIV plan will be announced at the New York City event held on March 14, 2013. According to the, the latest generation of the Galaxy version will be armed with Exynos 5 8-core processor, 2GB RAM, 13MP camera and will run on operating system Android 4.2.2.

Then, what's interesting on it?? Yes, you may right with your though. New feature called Eye Scroll pinned by Samsung inside the smartphone to be one thing that is quite attracting attention. This feature allows the user to scroll through the display using their eye movements. The workings of this feature is when the user's eyes touching the bottom of the screen, then the display will be automatically rolled down. This feature can be applied to the display on smartphone, tablet, digital camera and mobile phone.


Eye Scroll features has a working principle similar to Smart Stay owned by Galaxy SIII, where this feature will utilize the front facing camera to do the register when the user directs his eyes toward the camera. With Smart Stay, smartphone display will not going to sleep mode until the user directs his eyes to the camera.

News about Galaxy SIV has been more highlight on the accompanying software and applications. This resulted in many people assume that it's only get software and applications upgrades while hardware tend to be similar to the previous generation. But it is strongly denied by Samsung's Chief Product Officer named Kevin Packingham who said that it's also get a significant hardware upgrade. Even in an interview with the New York Times he said "it's an amazing phone" to describe how special hardware and software inside SIV.

Before SIV announced to the public, there are attracted enough attention to the act of Samsung's patented Eye Scroll and Smart Stay technology on last February. Perhaps this was done by Samsung to avoid impersonation and or dispute with other parties associated with both technologies. So, will you plan to exchange your current smartphone with the Galaxy SIV?? Let me know via the comments below :)

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