4 Advanced Technologies that will Make the Samsung Galaxy SIV Feels Like the Phone from Future

Yes, maybe you could call the news about the Samsung Galaxy SIV as the news that enough to occupy the attention of many people for these times. Moreover, when approaching the date believed by many pople as the date will be announced this device, when Samsung held an event in New York on Thursday. Of the many rumors circulating, almost all said that this smartphone will be smartphone with higher sales than its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Also mentioned this phone will be available as a high-end smartphone that is very cool. It is certainly because of the technology and innovation that will be fixed by Samsung into the phone, as quoted by the site bussinessinsider.com. Some of the innovations include:

1. Support Eye Tracking Technology
This eye tracking technology will support the performance of cool features in the phone, using the user's eye movements. Features that use this technology such as smart scroll, smart pause, smart rotation and smart stay. These features will allow users to control the content that is on the smartphone screen. For example, with smart scrolling feature you can roll your screen when your eyes touch the bottom screen of smartphone.

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 Image Credit: rodingo.com

2. Touch Less Gesture Screen
This technology allows the user to manipulate things on screen simply by hovering over them using their finger. For example, you will be able to access the home button just by hovering over this button using your finger.

3. Wireless Charging
According to news reported by the site digitimes.com, Galaxy SIV will come with wireless charging. Some rumors say that the charge in the form of wireless charging with a catch. The other states that users must purchase a kit in order to charge without wires. LG nexus 4 or HTC Droid DNA is an example of smartphone available in the market today that are using wireless charging feature.

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4. Credit card payment with NFC
Samsung has done a deal with Visa. This could be a sign that smartphone users will be able to make payments by credit card using the integrated NFC chip in it.

Judging from some of the advanced technologies that might exist in the galaxy SIV, it will probably make sense to many people who refer to it as the phone of the future. With a thinner body, faster performance, better camera and bigger screen makes this phone very feasible for you to have. So, is there one technology mentioned above that interest you? Write me your comments to let me know :)

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