Samsung Galaxy Note 2: How to Use S Pen Features Easily

Samsung Galaxy Note II is the second generation of Samsung's phablet. It comes with a very accurate touch screen named Wacom digitizer and a magic stylus: S Pen. Samsung include S Pen on this phablet in order to facilitate user interaction when using this phablet.

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So what can we do with this S Pen? There are several things that can be done by the S Pen. Here is the list as written on

1. Support the use of Air View
As we learned hefore, Air View feature is supported with multiple applications, as an example are S Note and S Planner. Air View allows us to see the information quickly and easily without we have to actually touch the screen.

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Thanks to its digitizer screen that can recognize when S Pen hovering over the screen phablet. This allows us to access contacts up to preview messages without having to open the application.

To do this with the S Pen is very easy, simply by hold the rubber tip on your S Pen a few millimeters above the applications that are compatible with the Air View.

2. Support the use of quick command
If you are accustomed to using these phablet with the regular menu, then you can try the other way more fun with a quick command.

Quick command allows you to jump straight to the app you want by draw pre-defined gestures with your S Pen. It's certainly one of the smartest ways you need to use to save your time.

To do this with the S Pen is very easy, just press S Pen button and drag it up the screen then draw the gestures. You can also see the full list of quick command gestures by pressing again S Pen button and hovering your S Pen over the menu.

3. Make your own quick command
Quick command also allows you to make your own quick command for any app you want. The way is easy, go to settings and choose Add a command. After that, a pop up will appear that contains the application or function you can make a quick command for each of them. Once you choose one, draw your own new gesture with S Pen. When finished tap "done".

To use it are the same as when you use the regular quick command, but it certainly is more fun because you are the one who define your own gesture for the app you want.

4. Support the use of easy clip
As we know that easy clip is a cool feature made by Samsung to help users to make-better memos. With this feature you will be able to make outline quickly and crop any content displayed on the screen in any shape then save it, share it or paste it.

You can do this by hold down S Pen button and draw line arround the section, text or picture you want to capture. And magically S Pen will make a clipping path and save the results on your Screenshot folder.

5. Helping you make important notes
Maybe you've experienced when you receive an important call and need paper to notes something. Well, now with the Galaxy Note II it will be more simplified and no longer need to look for paper to write a note.

As soon as you take the S Pen from its holder, then Pop up Note will open. This course will allow you to write whatever you want before finally the note is saved and you use it later. So, now you can say good bye to note that mess and concerns when you loses important notes.

6. Create memories in your photos with Photo Note
In the past, maybe people usually write information on the back of their precious photos to remind them about dates, events, places, etc..

But now we may be more difficult when we want to view and select images because of anonymous file names. Well, with the Galaxy Note II you can do the same thing as in real life, write memory in the back of your precious photos.

To do this is very easy, using the Photo Note will allow you to flip your photo then you can write down any information behind the photo. Your note you will be saved and you can add, edit or delete it whenever you want. Photos with memory that you write behind characterized by folds down at the top right corner.

7. Opening S Note quickly
S Note is an application that is ideal for taking notes. By using the S Pen you can access this app quickly, simply by press your S Pen button and tap the screen twice. After that you can take notes, write ideas and doing other things can be done by S Note.

8. Support the use of Idea Visualizer
This feature allows users to add illustrations easily, simply by Handwriting keywords using S Pen. This feature will give you the illustration image that corresponds with your handwritten keyword. And of course this will make your ideas come out freely without being hindered by your drawing skills

9. Make natural notes
S Pen can do many cool things as mentioned above. And S Pen also allow you to write as you usually do. You can make the outline, the bottom line for important information etc.. And you can also use the S Pen to write or draw on any part of the content you like, such as email, calendar, etc..

Well, have you tried nine thing mentioned above in your phablet? If so, you can share them through the comment below :)


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