Samsung Galaxy Note 2: How to Enable and Use Multi Window Easily

In this article I will still write about the coolest features available on the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Well, this time I'm going to write cool feature to be use, Multi Window. This feature allows us as users to be able to open two apps side by side at the same time, but no more than two app. This means that this feature will greatly assist us on multitasking activity because we do not need to switch between these two app when we want to use one of them.

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How to enable Multi Window?
You can enable Multi Window very easily, simply by tap and hold Back button, then Multi Window drawer will appear on the left side of the screen. After that you can select an application and then add one more application to the new location. That's it. It's easy, cool and of course it will increase your productivity.

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How to use Multi Window?
Once you have successfully enabled Multi WIndow, so now you can start to use it. And yes for the record that currently this feature not yet supported with all the existing app. Applications that is supported by this feature are email, gallery, browser, messaging, Polaris Office, S Note and video player.

To use this feature is also very easy as written in, follow the steps below:
  1. Tap on the app you want to run. Or you can launch it by tap and drag it to main window.
  2. Open Multi Window drawer to tap the second app you want to run. Or you can launch it by tap and drop it.
  3. If you want a portrait, you can launch it at the top and bottom. And if you want a landscape, you can launch it side by side.
Very easy, right? In addition, you can also expand the app when you need more space for the app you want by resizing app using drag bar that sits between the two app. And if you do not need the two app to run at the same time, you can do it by tap the edit button to reveal space that allows you to remove the launcher from the Multi Window drawer.

After writing about Multi Window on Galaxy Note II, then I can conclude that this phablet can meet the needs of users with good multitasking, moreover in recent times where sometimes we are required to do several things at the same time. Thanks to Samsung who has deliver us a great phablet with 2GB of RAM inside that makes Multi Window can run smoothly without any performance degradation. So, how about you? Have you tried Multi Window in your phablet? If so, you can share to all readers by write it in the comments below :)

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