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Samsung Galaxy Note 2: How to Enable and Use Air View Feature Easily

Lately I wanted to write about the smart features on the Galaxy Note II called Air View. My sky-high curiosity made me browse into a bunch of websites to find out more about this feature. Well, here's the results that I have outlined here and of course i hope it'll provide the benefit for all readers.

What is Air View?
From the many websites that I visit, I first found out about this when writing about Samsung Galaxy SIV's rebiews that said it will come with this feature inside it. But, because the Galaxy SIV not release yet, this time I will write about Air View in another Samsung's device, Galaxy Note II.

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From the site mentioned that Air View is a smart feature that allows the Galaxy Note II to recognize when you are hovering your S Pen over the screen, without you having to actually touch the screen. hmm, from here I can already imagine how cool this feature is ;)

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You can get previews of information in a pop up window when you pairing this feature with compatible applications and menus within TouchWiz. It sounds pretty simple and interactive, isn't it?

How to enable Air View?
By default this feature is already active in the Galaxy Note II, but in certain cases it may not work or may not be active yet. Well, for those conditions you would need to activate it manually as written on the website Here are the steps you should do:
  1. Go to notifications bar.
  2. Tap the cog icon located in the top right corner.
  3. Scroll down until you find the option "S Pen", it's underneath "System options", then tap "S Pen".
  4. Scroll down until you find the subsection titled "Air View".
  5. Turn it on, or even off by hit the switch in the right side of the word "Air View".
  6. You can also set the Air View more specifically by type in the actual words. After that you will be taken to a menu that provides the option to enable or disable some options such as preview information which means information can be previewed on hovering, pointer meaning a pointer which hovers and list scrolling which means list can be scrolled on using hover.

What are the applications that are compatible with Air View?
As written in a site that also gives me the meaning of Air View, this feature will work on applications that are compatible with it. Here's the app list:
  1. TouchWiz
    Actually this is not an app, but this is the interface on the Samsung Galaxy Note II. This is the first part that is compatible with Air View features. If you hover the S Pen in the scrollable window on any menu or notifications bar, then it will scroll up, down, left and right.
  2. Samsung Email client
    It is an application that is compatible with Air View feature. When the S Pen hovering above it, then will display a pop up windows that large enough containing text email. This is a smart way to save your time in reading an email without having to open it.
  3. Photo Gallery
    Air View allows you to see pictures in the album with pop up previews by hovering S Pen above any album you want.
  4. Video
    Just like when you use this feature in photo gallery, this also applies when you want to see the video. By hovering your S Pen along the video timeline, you will see a pop-up preview of the video as well as playing at the moment.
  5. S Planner
    It is used to call the calendar in the Galaxy Note II. By utilizing the features of Air View, simply hovering your S Pen on a certain date, and voilla, will appear previews all your appointment you made on that date.

How to use Air View?
It's very easy to use this features on the Galaxy Note II. All you have to do is hovering your S Pen on the application that is compatible as I wrote above, then you will see a preview in a pop-up windows. It's very easy, cool and can save your time in daily activities while using the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

After summarizing all I want to know about the Air View, then I can draw the conclusion that this is a smart and cool features that will be able to increase our productivity. Well, how about you? Have you used this cool feature? If so, I am very pleased to be able to find and read about it in the comments below :)


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