Samsung Galaxy Note 2: 6 Best Features You Should Know About

Second generation of Samsung's phablet named Samsung Galaxy Note II was released last year in pre-IFA press event in Berlin. it's available in the market in October 2012 in 128 markets around the world. Since this is the second generation, of course this phablet come with improved software, hardware and better features than the first generation.

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From the site written some excellent features embedded by Samsung in the phablet, they are:

1. Air View
This is a feature that most caught my attention, as I wrote in a previous article. Air View allows users to see a preview of the email, photo gallery, S Planner and another applications compatible with it by hovering S Pen over them. After that pop up windows will appear that contains a preview of the content of application you have been hovering before. This is a smart way to save your time, because you do not need to open the application to get the information in it. Even Samsung claims that this feature will allow users to skip multiple steps when using this phablet to quickly search and view more information. It seems like a lot of people agree with this :)

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2. Pop Up Note
This feature is the improvement of Pop up play's concepts. You can also found this feature on the Samsung Galaxy SIII. This feature allows user to open S Notes quickly and display it in a pop up windows anywhere on its screen.

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3. Quick Command
The third best feature is the Quick command. This feature allows users to quickly open frequently used app used the S Pen. To use this feature, just swipe upward on its screen with S Pen button pressed, it will display the command pad that you can use to run this feature.

4. Screen Recorder
This feature will allow you to record a sequence of actions you do on its screen.

5. Easy Clip
This feature is also very cool, like the others. With this feature you will be able to outline quickly and crop any content displayed on the screen in any shape then save it, share it or paste it. It is very easy to use this feature, simply by pressing a dedicated S Pen button, then magically your S Pen will recognize that you want clip or edit the selected content being displayed on the screen. This is certainly in accordance with the original purpose of this feature which is comes to help user makes a better memo.

6. Idea Visualizer
This feature allows users to add illustrations easily, simply by Handwriting keywords using S Pen. This feature will give you the illustration image that suit with handwritten keyword.

Well, now we know the best features available on the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Each feature has their own capability and advantages, and of course it will support and facilitate activities that you are doing using this phablet. So, have you tried the features I mentioned above? If so, you can share it trough the comments below :)

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