Samsung Galaxy Note 2: How to Enable and Use Gestures Easily

Previously I was write about the same thing but for the Samsung Galaxy SIII, now I want to write it for the second generation of Samsung's phablet called Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Both devices have the Motion-based software inside so that they have a lot in common in terms of features and functionality.

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The function of gesture is to help facilitate user interaction with their phone and to further save the time in accessing the app or function that exists in this phablet because this feature enables user to skip multiple steps. This is very useful and helpful considering we are currently required to do everything faster. With the amazing multitasking capabilities and several gesture options available, this phablet is called to be able to increase user's productivity.

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How to enable gestures on Galaxy Note 2:
Before using this feature, you must first enable it by following the simple steps below, as in the quotation from
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Motion.
  3. Turn it on by touch and slide the Motion slider to the right.
  4. Tap on the motion option you wish to use. Green checkmark will appear as a sign that the feature has been activated.
  5. Done. Now you are ready to use this feature in your phablet.

How to use gestures on Samsung Galaxy Note 2?
Once you enable it, now you can start to use this feature. It's easy to use ad reliable. Taken from the same source, below is a list of motion options available and how to use it:
  1. Quick Glance: This motion will allow you to check key device information at a glance. It's easy, simply by reaching towards your device. You can go to the Advanced settings gesture information to determine which ones can quickly glanced, for example, you can choose from missed calls, new messages, current music, battery or status bar.
  2. Direct Call: By putting this device in your ear then it will automatically make a call to a contact that is being displayed on the screen.
  3. Smart Alert: This feature will allow your phablet to tell you missed call or any unread notifications when you away from your device simply by hold it.
  4. Tap to Top: With this feature you can go to the top of the list displayed on the screen with a double tap on the top of it.
  5. Tilt to Zoom: This feature will allow you to zoom in or out on an image and a web page by tilt it away from you to zoom out or tilt it towards you to zoom in.
  6. Pan to Move: This feature will allow you to move the icon or widget on your Home screen to a new location by touch and hold the icon and then move the device to the left or to the right.
  7. Pan to Browse Image: Just like Pan to Move, this feature will allow you to pan image displayed on screen. Move your device up or down to pan it horizontally, and move to the right or left to pan it vertically. You can go to Advance settings to adjust the sensitivity of this feature.
  8. Shake to Update: With this feature you can find another Bluetooth device or refreshed web page with just shake this device.
  9. Turn Over to Mute: You can use this feature to mute an incoming call or any sound on your phablet by turn over this device so the screen is facing downwards.
  10. Palm Swipe to Capture: This feature will allow you to take screenshots on any content displayed on its screen by put your palm side on its screen then swipe it from left to right or vice versa.
  11. Palm Touch to Mute: With this feature you can mute or pause any video or any sound currently playing simply by covering the screen with your palm. When you remove your plam from it, the sound or the video will play back.

For the record, you can access the Advanced settings and choose Gyroscope calibration to allow you to calibrate your phablet to be able to use all these motions. You can access sensitivity setting option only if the motion uses sensitivity in the active state. Well, have you tried all the available motion in your phablet? If so, I'll happy to found them in the comments below :)


  1. I am having a problem with my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, when I cover the motion sensor it just turns my diplay off amd I can't figure out which setting to stop that :( Please help.

    1. Hi Lisa Banh,
      Thanks for coming.
      Try to disable motion on your Note 2 then re-enable it again and see whether it helps :)

  2. Hi. .. Had the same problem. ...I rebooted my device... It solved my situ.

    1. Hi Jay Affonso,
      Thanks for coming and share your thought here :)

    2. On my note 2 if i try to use air gesture,for the example in gallery it says that i need to download content and then settings stop running

    3. Hi Doru DV,
      Thanks for coming.
      Make sure the Air browse is enabled. Now, tap Air browse and make sure you have checked the box next to Gallery then tap Try it button to see whether you're able to use it or not. However, while you're in Gallery app, did you see the air gesture icon in the status bar or not?

  3. Hi OK my phone was trying to download a video I got scared thing it was a virus went into the app in for for the download feature and kept hitting forcestop but it wouldn't make it stop so I hit turn off.. well now I'd how to get into it to turn it on again.. I tried downloading a picture to see if I could go back that way but no... should I just reset my phone?

    1. Hi Cute Pengy,
      Thanks for coming.
      Because you've left your comment in a post about Galaxy Note 2, so I assume that your phone is Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
      Back to the case, so you've had accidentally turned off the Download app and the app is now disappeared from the apps menu. Am I right?
      If so, you can easily turn it back on by going to Settings> tap "More" tab> tap "Application manager"> swipe the screen to the right until you see "All" tab and then scroll to the very bottom until you see the Download app(it'll be labelled as disabled)> tap Download app and then tap "Enable" button. It'll enable the Download app and bring it back to the apps menu.

  4. Pls how do I enable javascript and cookies on my galaxy note 2.This has been what I experience when I brows any website, the adverts on their page will not show.Again I have been unable to use yahoo mesanger
    and whatsapp.I downloaded and when I enter my phone number to launch it will not open but despite this I pair with my partner's galaxy S3 and these last two apps worked even with wi-fi.



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