Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Unlock Lock Screen while in Talk Back Mode

Talk back mode is one of the feature inside Samsung Galaxy SIII that principally designed for people with vision-impaired or those with low-vision. Enabling this mode will make the phone give a spoken feedback to describe whatever the user do with the phone.

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But, there are also some user that said they were stuck and get the difficulty when they want to get out from this mode. Generally, most of them are not realize that enabling this mode will change the way they interact with the phone, such as you will need to use two fingers instead one finger to swipe or scrolling and use double tap instead a single tap to select menu, apps or option.

How to unlock the phone with password or PIN:
If your phone has locked with password or PIN while in the talk back mode, then kindly follow the steps listed below to unlock it:
  1. Long tap in the password field, then double tap it to display the keyboard.
  2. Long tap the characters(alphabets or numbers) of your password.
  3. Once you've finished entering the password, double tap Done button in the virtual keyboard.
  4. Finish. Now your phone is managed to unlock.

How to unlock the phone with swipe?
To unlock the phone with swipe while in the talk back mode, then you can unlock it by double tapping and swiping your finger on the lock screen.

How to unlock the phone with pattern?
To unlock the phone with pattern while in the talk back mode, then you can unlock it by drawing your pattern using your two fingers.

If you was bothered with this mode, then once your phone is unlocked, now you can deactivate it completely from your phone using two fingers swipe and double tap methods.

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Well, by knowing how to unlock the phone using password or swipe, now you can unlock your phone easily even when your phone is in talk back mode.


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