Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Enable or Disable Remember Form Data in the Browser Applications

Remember password is one of useful option available in the stock Browser apps in Samsung Galaxy SIII. By enabling this option, the browser will remember user name and password for websites. This option will also be able to prevent you entering the wrong password, moreover if you should entering lot of passwords in a day.

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Another option that has similar function with the remember password is remember form data. Enabling this option will make the browser remembering all the data you've entered in the web, so next time when you type it then you'll see the data pop up and you can select it.

How to turn on or off remember form data?
If you wants the browser save the form data for the website, then kindly follow the steps listed below:
  1. Open the Browser apps.
  2. Tap the Menu key then select Settings.
  3. Tap Privacy and security.
  4. Under Form data section, tap Remember form data to enable or disable this option. When the box next to this option is ticked means this option is turned on.
  5. Tap the Back key to return to the browser page.

Once you've enabling this option, then try to navigate to the site that prompt you to entering data to allow the browser remember them. Later, whenever you type the first letter or some letters of the data, the pop up contains the data will appears and you can select it. Well, given the function of this option, enabling this option will also make you more easier when entering the data that you've ever entered before and of course this will save your time because you don't need to enter the whole of the data.

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