Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Disable Applications

There are some methods that you can do with your Samsung Galaxy SIII to free up some space to keep the device runs smoothly as it used to be, such as uninstall unused applications.

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Unfortunately, there are some built-in apps or other apps that can't be uninstalled. The worst part of this is you may not use them but they're still running in the background and eat some space on your phone. Due to this reason, you may have to consider to disable this kind of apps to free up some space and get rid them from the apps list, moreover you can do this steps without having to root the phone.

How to disable apps?
For your note, please do this steps only to disable user apps. Well, here are the steps to do:
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap Application manager.
  3. Find the desired apps by swiping to the appropriate screen: Download, Running or All.
  4. Tap the desired application.
  5. If the apps was updated, first you have to uninstall the update in order to be able to disable it by tapping Uninstall updates button.
  6. Tap OK button to confirm uninstalling updates.
  7. Once the uninstall process is completed, the apps will reset back to its original condition and you'll be taken back to the Application manager.
  8. Tap OK button in confirmation windows.
  9. Tap again in the apps you wish to disable.
  10. Tap Disable button to disable apps.
  11. Tap OK button to confirm disabling apps.
  12. The apps has been disabled.

Once you've done the steps, you'll notice that the disable button was replaced with the enable button. Now the apps will no longer listed on the apps menu, not perform updates and any RAM used by this apps is now available. FYI, this steps only disable the apps not uninstall the apps so the apps is still on the device memory and you're able to enable this apps again later. I'll write the steps to enable apps in the next post. So, stay tuned in inside-galaxy :)

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