Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Change Weather Widget from Celsius to Fahrenheit

When you first turn on your Samsung Galaxy SIII, generally you'll find the stock weather widget was installed on your primary Home screen. You can use this widget to obtain the information about temperature and weather forecast on your current location. But, first of all you need to enable location services on your phone to make this widget works.

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As another apps and widgets installed in this phone, you can also customize this Accu weather widget to suit your needs, such as change the preferred temperature unit from Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa.

How to change weather widget from Celsius to Fahrenheit or Fahrenheit to Celsius?
Below are the complete steps to do:
  1. On your primary Home screen, tap Accu weather widget.
  2. Tap the Menu key then select Settings.
  3. Tap General.
  4. Tap Unit.
  5. Depending on your current settings, tap Unit to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa. When the dot indicator next the option shows green means the option is selected.
  6. Tap Home button to return to the standby mode.

Some countries use Celsius to explain the temperature and the other countries use Fahrenheit. So, by knowing how to change the temperature unit from Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa then you can set it according to your needs.


  1. Why does the weather forecast reflect a location 7 hours drive away?

    1. Hi Roland Playford,
      Thanks for coming.
      I'm so sorry to say that I'm confused with your question. Did you mean the weather widget(on Home screen) display an incorrect city (not the city of your current location) or the weather widget display the right city but with incorrect forecast?

  2. Thank you sooooo much - while I'm presently living in Ecuador (with a Galaxy 2 Note I bought used in Thailand), I'm from the U.S. and that Celsius thing was driving me NUTS! Your instructions are spot on!

    1. Hi Buddy,
      Thanks for coming and let me know about it.
      I'm so glad to know that this post has helped you :)

  3. What i Have done is to change to Celsius is as follow.
    Open the Accuweather
    At the write end bottom you can see 3 parallel line a clickable logo which is near to info logo
    click that
    come to next page with your current location
    in the same page go right end 3 dots like logo this is setting click it.
    open a next page here you can see the F to C changeable temperature setting.
    And its done.

    1. Hi Rasheed Shaik,
      Thanks for coming and share your experience here :)

  4. Can you make a tuto video?

    1. Hi Briubirod
      Thanks for coming.
      For now, I haven't thought to make tutorial videos yet because I still want to focus to maintain this blog. But, maybe I will consider to do that in the future :)


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