Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Fix No SIM Card Error

Samsung Galaxy SIII has comes with some card slots, such as an SD card slot that will allow you to expand the phone's storage by inserting a new SD card. You can easily insert and remove SD card by yourself.

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Another card slot available in this phone is SIM card slot to place your SIM card. You can use this card to send messages or make a call or use it to gain an internet connection and use another features available on the network. But, some users reported that they were encountering an error said No SIM card, even they were inserting the SIM card in its tray.

How to fix No SIM card error?
If you encountering this issue, then turn off the phone and try the steps listed below:
  1. Try to check the SIM, is it normal or not? If you see any physic defective, then the possible way to do is by replacing the SIM card with the new one.
  2. If the SIM card is fine, then try to check the connection between the SIM card and its place then see whether it's loose or not. If so, try to push a tiny piece of paper between the SIM card and its tray to help the SIM card fit with the place.

Once you knows the causes and do some necessary steps to fix it, then try to turn on your phone to see whether the problem is still there or not. Also, if you find any causes and/or the solution but you didn't see it listed here then you can share them by writing them through the comment below :)


  1. Hi, I just upgraded the Android Version to JB 4.3. It went successful. But, the problem i am facing is since the time the Firmware upgraded, my Mobile is not recognizing the SIM card. Just before the Firmware upgrade there wasn't any issues. I have even done a Factory reset, still the problem remains. Kindly help...

    1. I am having the same exact problem since the upgrade. I know my sim card is good, I tried it in another phone. My Galaxy sIII is not seeing the sim card. There has to be a fix for this issue. Please let the phone gods shine on me, I can't afford a new phone.

    2. Hi Prabhuram & rcmac89,
      Thanks for coming.
      Did both of you update to the Android 4.3 manually or by OTA?

    3. OTA. No help from Samsung. I am in the US and have an international model gt-i9300

    4. Hi Rcmac89,
      Thanks for getting back here.
      Usually, this issue happens with those of the S3 user who did update to the Android 4.3 manually using ODIN. The issue can be resolved by re-updating and pointing the downloaded firmware to CP in the Download section in the Odin software. But, I don't know whether this tweak can be applied for the OTA update or not. However, if your phone is still under warranty, it'll be better if you send back your phone to get a fix or replacement.
      I'm so sorry I couldn't help you much.

  2. Thank you for your time, I will try the manual update. I have seen others with the same issue and it seems like most are having success doing just as you said. Thanks again hope to repost with good news.

    1. Hi Rcmac89,
      I'll be patient awaiting your good news.
      I hope the update will end up with the luck :)

  3. Hie Guys!

    I Found the solution that worked for me.
    Go to back to Odin3 & connect your phone

    1)Click PHONE tab and navigate to you Android 4.3 update folder & select:

    2)Click CSC tab/button & navigate to you Android 4.3 update folder & select:

    Press Start/Run.
    Walla! you phone is Sorted.
    It worked for me perfectly.

    1. Hi Sizo Dlodlo,
      Thanks for coming and share your useful experience here.
      Well, I was wondering, did you update your phone by OTA or manually? From what I've known, most of users who experienced this problem are those who did update their phone manually.

  4. Hie,
    Sorry for late reply.
    I update mine manually using Odin software.
    You can download from this link:

    1. Hi Sizo Dlodlo,
      Glad to see you again.
      Thanks to leave us a useful link :)


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