Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Make a Calls Faster and Easier Use the Existing features

Nowadays, the easiness become one of the people's consideration before they decide to buy a smartphone. Due to this reason, the Samsung Galaxy SIII also offers the user some features to facilitate them do almost everything with it easily. One of which is this phone has provide some features to make the user more faster and easier when make a calls.

Features to make a calls more faster and easier
Below are some existing features to help you to do so:
1. Direct Call
Direct call is one of the motion-based features inside this phone. By enabling this features, you can easily calls the phone number displayed on your phone's screen by holding the phone near your ear.

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2. Speed Dial
Assigning some contacts to a speed dialing key of course will be able to facilitate you when you wants to make a calls. Simply by assigning the required contacts to a speed dialing key, then in further use you just need to tap the required speed dialing key on the Phone apps then the phone will automatically calls the contacts assigned on that key.

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3. Easy Call
You can easily make a calls while you on contacts apps use the easy call feature. Simply by swiping the required contacts from left to the right, then the phone will automatically calls the contact.

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Well, these are three features available on this phone which will be able to make you more easier or even faster to make a calls. However, if you already discovered another features to facilitate you make a calls in this phone and it's not listed here, then surely I'll appreciate if you willing to share them through the comment below :)


  1. Before I updated my S3 I could search for contacts in the dial screen by typing * as a space eg. John*smith but now it does not do this. Can I change this in settings?

    1. Hi Ben Lark,
      Thanks for coming.
      And I'm so sorry to confirm that I even don't know that feature is available. However, did you use it in the Contacts app or Phone app? And also, I was wondering why you don't just use the space bar instead of the *?


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