Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Add Contact Shortcut on Home Screen

One of the way to communicate with others is by making a calls or send a message through the phone. To do so, first you need to know the phone numbers of the people you want to call or send a message with. Once you know the numbers, you can add them into your contacts apps to facilitate you for further use. Luckily, you can add the contact number to your contacts apps easily on Samsung Galaxy SIII.

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As time goes by, you may found that you already saved lot of numbers on your contacts. This sometimes bring a little difficulties to you when you wants to make a calls or send a message to certain contacts. To help you solve this problem, add shortcuts for a certain contacts on Home screen is one of the alternative solution that you can do.

How to add shortcut for a certain contact on Home screen?
First of all, make sure you have space enough on the Home screen before you do this steps. Well, here are the complete steps to do:
  1. Long tap in the blank area on the Home screen.
  2. On pop up menu select Add to Home screen option.
  3. Tap Widget tab.
  4. Find Contact 1x1 widget by swiping the screen to the left or to the right.
  5. Tap and Hold to move it to the Home screen.
  6. Choose the required contacts you wish to add the shortcuts.
  7. Finish. The shortcuts of the selected contacts has been created on the Home screen.

Once you've finished do these steps, now you can access the contact you already added by tapping the shortcuts on the Home screen. From there, you can make a calls, send a message, etc.


  1. Works like a charm! Thought this option was lost when first setting up a new Galaxy s3 (4.4.1). I followed the above directions to add my sister and daughter to the phone's home screen. After fiddling around, I discovered a couple of variations that I'd like to share. To get started, I found that I could either long tap in the screen's blank area or touch menu (left of home) to add widget. Since I'm a bit short of space, I decided to try creating a folder for both numbers by holding daughter's shortcut and sliding to "create folder" that automatically appears top/left of screen and named it it MY GIRLS (could be anything). Holding sister's shortcut and sliding it to new folder to combine with daughter's, I was able to save precious space. By using daughter's shortcut to create file, it's her photo on top, with my sister's peeking out to one side. The icon could be anything I use to identify a contact, preferably current photo or logo that represents a product or service.
    While selecting 1x1 contact widget, I noticed 1x1 direct call widget on the same page. By repeating previous steps, I created folder containing shortcuts that immediately call MY GIRLS. Of course, I first tested by using my own phone and fax. Bonus. I prefer calling for voicemail, not using the pre-installed, ad & pop-up loaded app. Although I didn't uninstall voicemail app; it was easy to replace its deleted icon with shortcut to direct call for voice messages.
    It's more important to me that I can call my girls in a click or 2 from my home screen than be presented with the options to call, text, or email from the 1x1 contact widget, as we are busy women who connect with each other throughout the day. To finish, I deleted the first folder that contains 1x1 contact widget and kept the one that places my most frequently called numbers front and center.
    I think it's time to try my daughter.

    1. Hi Drum Bum,
      Thanks for coming and share your experience here.
      I really appreciate it :)
      Well, you're right. Create folders in home screen will let us to place more shortcuts of apps or widgets since most of Samsung Galaxy S phones only let us to have 7 home screens.


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