Samsung Galaxy S3: Why the White Battery Cover Sometimes Looks Like Rainbow

Sometimes the Samsung Galaxy SIII users found something new in their phone and thinks that it is a problem, but actually it's not, such as when they realize that whenever they opening the browser then the backlight becomes dimmer, even when they have increasing the brightness of the main display. Actually, this is not a problem, it's only a Samsung effort to provide a power saving solution by dimming the display whenever the user opening the browser.

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Another 'looks like a problem' in this phone is a visual phenomenon on the white battery cover that sometimes looks like a rainbow. Some of user thinks that it's a hardware defect, but once again it's not. So, here's the explanation.

Why the white battery cover sometimes looks like rainbow?
This visual phenomenon is happen because this phone is using pearl white glossy material surface that caused the looks like rainbow appearance whenever there are refraction of light on its multi coating flat.

By knowing the causes of this visual phenomenon, now you know that it's not a problem or hardware defect so you don't have to worry if it happen on your phone.

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